There comes a time in every new mom's life when she says, "How Sway, how?!" How in the world do women survive motherhood every day and how in the world did our ancestors do it with even less than we have today. The answer is community! Before having my daughter three years ago, I truly had no idea what this really meant. It certainly sounds pretty, but I couldn't quite understand the value of it until I eventually had to step outside of myself (and new motherhood) for my sanity.

You see, motherhood is beautiful, but it's also life-changing and challenging in sometimes impossible ways. From pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and everything that comes along with it in the early years, it can be completely mind-blowing and humbling (to say the least)! And it can shake everything you thought you knew about the world around you and yourself as a woman. That is, until you connect with other moms (in person or online) experiencing the same thing at the same time.

Motherhood isn't meant to be experienced alone. It's a sisterhood (and the best hood) and some of the most amazing tips, tools and short-cuts can be found through moms online. You'd be surprised how friendly and open most moms are about sharing their ups and downs. So if you're a mom or momma-to-be and haven't already, do yourself a favor and tap into this inspirational mommy blogger/Instagram community around you.

Carmen Alexandra – @caxshe

Carmen is not only snap-back goals, but she's a thriving entrepreneur! She's the designer and creator behind an online boutique called She The Collection that serves up curvy, girly and edgy clothing for the modern women. How she does it all with a young mini-me totally makes her a boss-mom in the making. She gives a bit of insight into her world as an entrepreneur mom on her blog

Shay – @ThePrinceandthep

Shay is one of the funniest mama's you're gonna meet on IG. She's a photographer, blogger, and model mama (her two children are stunning print models). And she always keeps it real about trying to keep the balance between being a mama, wife, and what she calls a "hustla". Shay is simply refreshing at

Malika – @_Malika_Yasmin_

My only question is, how does Malika get her children to eat so many veggies?! Her favorite moniker is #AllYouGottaDoIs because she's a great source for healthy yet yummy recipes at She's also a wife and mentor for special needs parents with a child on the Autism spectrum.

Nesha – @Love.Little.Sampsoms

Nesha is not only inspirational for the simple fact that she seems to get her children to nap on a regular basis (she posts the most breathtaking photos of them sleeping) but because she embraces the simple joys of motherhood and intentionally simple living. She's a visual storyteller and talented journalist. Check it out at

Sarah – @SarahLampley 

Sarah's positivity and love for her family literally jumps out at you on She's smitten with her hubby and is doing the intentional work of raising three kind and exceptional young boys in the ATL. She also shares candid glimpses of how to raise a blended family.

 Fatima – @stylefitfatty 

Fatima is a mommy lifestyle and fitness blogger. And her blog can definitely be summed up as faith, family and fitness inspiration. You can find amazing workout and style tips for busy moms on her IG and Instagram story (often her little ones are busy in the background). She has three adorable little ones and resides in AZ with her husband. 

Destiney – @MomCrushMonday 

Destiney is truly doing parenthood on her own terms. She's a blogger and the entrepreneur behind Majoring in Motherhood. And she is refreshingly candid about co-parenting her daughter Honor. These two are the definition of fab mom and little girl style goals at!

Lizzy – @LizzyMathis 

Lizzy is a Lifestyle expert, TV personality and founder of The Cool Mom Co. Her website is a great source of inspiration by way of beauty tips for new moms, and baby must-haves. She's a mom to two little girls and (most recently) a baby boy.

BreAnna – @mombeyondmom

BreAnna is the home cook we ALL want to be in our heads! She's a writer by trade (HuffPost Contributor) and stay-at-mom to two girls. But most obvious on her blog is her love for cooking as a true foodie. Check out her blog if you're looking for some fun, family-friendly recipes.

Denise – @DeniseVasi 

You might recognize Denise Vasi from Vh1's Single Ladies, but did you know she is now a mom? Denise took some time from acting once she had her daughter Lennox a couple of years ago. She serves us major vegan mom, conscious living, and DIY inspiration on her IG feed and IG stories. And her site is soon to come.