Cutting your hair is a fun, revitalizing, and liberating experience to embrace a more confident and sexy you. And though the 'Big Chop' is the perfect way to start afresh and release baggage, it’s good to arm yourself with a few key “must know” tips before you take the plunge.

Enlist a professional

“Pre-cut jitters” are real. And though cutting your hair is an exciting experience altogether, doing it yourself would be taking on a huge risk. By enlisting a professional that specializes in cutting natural hair, you can be assured they have the right experience and expertise to know what they’re doing while knowing what exactly would be right for you and your 'Big Chop' journey.

Know your hair and its texture

Knowing your hair is a must when it truly comes to understanding the way it should be styled. By understanding your hair type, texture, and porosity, you can get a better grasp of the exact look you want.  

Understand your face structure

Your face structure is extremely important when it comes to the Big Chop, and will help you along the process of choosing the style that is right for you. Is your face round? Is it narrow? Is it oval-shaped? Assess all components of the style and how it would match your face structure.

Pro Tip: Pinterest is the perfect place to find cute styles with a wide range of different face types that will help you choose a look that suits you best.

Lose expectations

We all fall victim to choosing a hairstyle we really like by holding expectations that the end result will look exactly as we picture it to be. And though knowing the style you want is important, it’s also crucial to understand that we each have a variety of different hair types and textures, and that our desired result may not look exactly how we first envisioned it. Before doing the Big Chop, open yourself up to possibilities that your new style will be just right for you and will suit your own personality. By losing expectations, you may end up surprising yourself by liking the outcome even more than you how you originally pictured it.

Experiment with different products.

Experimenting with different products beforehand will help you to understand your hair a bit better once it’s cut. Experimenting will also help you feel more confident and bold to try out new products that you may have never considered before. This step is key especially when understanding your hair type and texture. Not all products work the same, therefore arming yourself with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t will help you even more when styling your bold new look.

Be open to a new “you”

Cutting your hair is beyond just embracing a new style. It’s an experience that opens up your perspective on life. Going for the 'Big Chop' is a new view of a new you, and is a way to start afresh by releasing baggage, unwanted limitations of beauty, and will help you take the reigns of confidence and self-love by the bootstraps. It’s easy for us to gravitate to the things we’ve always known, including our standards of beauty. But make sure you're open to embracing change, the risk is worth it!

Assess whether you want to transition first

By assessing whether you want to first transition your hair, you can have the utmost security in knowing that you’ve looked into different options before choosing the Big Chop. Transitioning is like retraining your hair to form back into its natural texture. If your hair suffers from heat or chemical damage, it’s best to speak with a trusted stylist in determining what your end goal is while assessing what the best option would be. Be mindful that the possibility of transitioning your hair can take longer than you anticipated, and understand that transitioning requires consistency and commitment by eliminating heat and chemicals from your daily regimen. Either way, your hair will thank you for considering its health and retention!

Assess your lifestyle

Whether it be a job, school, mom duties, or any other task that may grab your attention 24/7, it’s important to assess your daily lifestyle before heading over to the Big Chop. If your mornings are usually more hectic, try finding a style that would require the least amount of time, work, and energy. It’s important to care for our hair, and it’s equally just as important to clock time out for ourselves as well. By assessing your daily lifestyle and your "cans and can’t do’s" when it comes to styling a particular look, you can feel more confident in knowing that you’ve made the right choice regardless of the look you decide to go with.

Do it when you’re ready for it

Sometimes we just have that inner knowing of when something is right for us. Going for the Big Chop doesn’t have an expiration date, so it’s important to do it when you feel it’s the right time. Impulse can sometimes result in regret, so understand the importance behind why you want to go for the Big Chop.

Assess both pros and cons

In life there are always going to be pros and cons to everything, but with that comes a healthy balance.

Pros :

1) Feeling more confident.

2) Eliminate split ends/damaged hair.

3) Easier "Wash N Go's."


1) You can’t reverse a Big Chop.

2) It will require more patience when wearing other hairstyles.

3) Limited style options.

Regardless of what you decide, caring for your hair is a form of self-care. By assessing all possible options for what is right for you and your lifestyle, you will have made the first step into positively caring for your hair’s health and overall well-being!

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