Thrifting isn’t just limited to finding fun fashions. It can be a great way to both save money and resources. There are also a ton of hidden gems that you can only find at thrift stores. This ranges from great pieces of furniture to funky art for your walls. The only trouble you might find is that it might take you a few trips to find exactly what you need. You also need to prepare for a little clean-up in some cases. However, the minimal work definitely justifies the savings and unique treasures you find. Whatever it is you’re looking for for you apartment, hit up your local thrift store to find great pieces for your new apartment. 

Picture frames

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Don’t waste money on buying brand new frames. The most important part is the pictures inside of them, anyways! Find some funky frames at the thrift store to store your most precious memories. 

Wall art

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There are always a ton of cool pieces of art just collecting dust at thrift stores. Spend some time rifling through the stack and come away with some pieces that will light your walls up!

Decorative plates

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Find some great plates to decorate your cabinets with or use next time you have your friends over for a dinner party. 


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A lot of thrift stores function almost like second-hand book stores. Though their collections might not be as organized, there are still a ton of great reads.


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Buy a fun vase from the thrift store to store those farmer’s market buds you picked up last Sunday. You can even buy a pretty jar or can to re-purpose as a vase!


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Don’t get the same IKEA dresser that all your friends have. Snag a great find that’ll add some character to your bedroom at the thrift store. 


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Not only can you score some great office accessories at thrift stores, but you can also find a great place to create your next masterpiece. Thrift stores might even have those old-fashioned writing desks you’ve dreamed of using ever since you were a kid. 


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There are some really great lightly-used sofas out there waiting for you to crash on! 

Kitchen chairs

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  2. Though it might be hard to find a full set of chairs, it can be cool to find a bunch of different ones if you’re going for a more eclectic vibe in your apartment.


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The thrift shop is an especially great spot to find kitchen storage, but also living room and bedroom storage. There are tons of great canisters and jar that can hold everything from flour to jewelry.