These are just of few of the apps I have used the most in my last 4 months of traveling the world. Hopefully, they will help you too! 


1. Hotel tonight

When you need to book a hotel last minute, like tonight last minute this app actually gives discounts the more you procrastinate. I wish everything were like that!

2. Hostelworld

3. Booking

4. Airbnb


5. Offline maps (like

Google apps even on airplane mood will track where you are with the little blue dot, and even show you which direction you are going. However, if you need actual step by step directions but no Wi-Fi in site. This does it. You just need to download your city beforehand.

6. Rome 2 Rio

Figure out how to get anywhere, anyway! This app will compare every option possible (boat, train, plane, ferry) to get to where you need to go.

7. Blah blah car

This is clutch in Europe, it is pretty much a way of formal hitchhiking, don’t worry it is safe. I used it to go from Portugal to Spain (2 hrs.), and Seville, Spain to Tarifa, Spain (3 hrs.) and both were less than 13 Euros. That is half the cost of a bus and you get to meet cool travelers like you.


8. Google translate (offline)

I mean, because I don’t speak 10 languages. I don’t know about you.


9. Mobile passport

Don’t be lazy, get this NOW. Skip the crazy line when coming back into customs in the US.

10. Vaccine records

If you are traveling to countries where you need vaccines, this app will definitely make your life easier. I have a hard time keeping up with which shots I received, need and need to update. Track them all in one place, notes wasn’t cuttin’ it anymore.

More to add to the list? Comment below! Pin if you found helpful!

xo – Jakiya

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