There are few holidays so uniquely tied to the exchange of stationary as Valentine’s Day. Growing up, you would exchange cards with everyone in your class, and the tradition still lives on even as we’ve outgrown the classroom. It’s never a necessity, but it’s a wonderful demonstration of your love and appreciation for the people in your life who you treasure. Here are cards that you can share with everyone from your boss to your loved one to show how special and important they are to you.

  1. Hallmark Paper Hug Card, $2.59

This card is versatile and works for almost anyone — a friend, colleague or even a loved one.

  1. Dylan’s Candy Bar Notecards (6 ct.), $4

This set of cards is perfect for a wide variety of people, no matter what their relationship is to you is. 

  1. Papyrus XOXO Mom Card, $5.95

Often the person you most need to show your appreciation for is the woman who raised you to be the strong woman you are today. 

  1. Rifle Paper Co. Boatload Cards (10 ct.), $13.50

These cards are nautically-inspired and a great way to show how much you love those around you, no matter if they’re near or far. 

  1. Hallmark Sprinkles On Top Cupcake Card, $6.99

For the loved one in your love who has an insatiable sweet tooth. 

  1. Papyrus Pho Ever Valentine’s Card, $7.95

Let’s be real — the basis of most great relationships includes a shared love for the same food. Celebrate all those pho sessions with this cute card. 

  1. Hallmark Adirondacks Chair Card, $4.99

If you and your boo feel like an old married couple already, this card is a perfect expression of love for both of you.

  1. Papyrus Fortune Cookies Valentine’s Day Card, $7.95

Send this to your friend who you love lounging out with Chinese take-out with. 

  1. Paper Source Give Up Your Phone Card (Set of 10), $6.25

If you're terrible about being on your phone, make up for it a bit by sending these to those around you who have to suffer because of it. 

Papyrus Beautiful Bike Card, $5.95

If there’s a special lady in your life, show how much you love her with this whimsical card.

  1. Paper Source Doggone Fun Cards (Set of 28), $10.50

If you’re the dog-lady of your friend group, sending these cards out will be a sure-fire to show people that you love them almost as much as you love your pups.