If you are looking for new inspiration for makeup, lifestyle and wellness, follow these Black influencers on Instagram.


Jackie Aina is one of the most celebrated Black content creators, and her appeal is not slowing down any time soon. Her lifestyle page, Lavishly Jackie is devoted to empowering people to embrace self-care, boundaries and glamor without guilt.


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Isabelle Ikpeme’s Instagram page is the perfect destination if you like bold, vibrant makeup looks. Ikpeme has a talent for taking amazing pictures with just the right lighting. Her skin is also flawless.

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Kelly Augustine is a bonafide fashionista and overall lifestyle guru who knows a lot about skincare and beauty tips and tricks. If you are looking for inspiration on how to pair outfits and what self-care routine to get in on, Augustine is your person.


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Brown Girl Hands is an Instagram account that shows Black hands holding different lifestyle and beauty products. Their Instagram posts also feature detailed reviews about each item in the caption and the entire aesthetic of the page is pure Black excellence.


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Chizi Duru is a 4c hair aficionado who has a talent for making Black women feel empowered and confident in their skin and hair. Her down-to-earth approach to content creation is what has earned her a following and her helpful natural hair tips and wellness product reviews are worth checking out.


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Carmen Renee is a mother of two who is passionate about wellness, home decor, lifestyle and fashion. If you are looking for an influencer focusing on all of the above themes, Renee’s Instagram page is a treasure trove.


Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu is the ultimate New Yorker. If you are looking for style tips for inspiration on pairing certain colors, elements or materials together, Adogu’s page is a perfect reference.


If you need new ideas for how to pair certain outfits or where to go for a staycation, Blake Gifford’s page is a work of digital art. Apart from her chic and effortless approach to fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Gifford is also a Chicago-based lawyer making her a true case of beauty, vibes and brains. She is also a seasoned bike rider. What is there not to love?


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I’ve been following Jessica Pettway for years, and it has been fun to see her rebrand and become more versatile as a content creator. Her page covers every theme from hair, style, lifestyle and beauty. There is no limit to what content Pettway puts out. She is definitely that girl, and it shows.


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Jenée refers to herself as the ultimate “high-low mixer.” A simple glance at her Instagram page shows why. Jenée’s page is inundated with flawless style and fashion tips. Jenée also has a special talent for pairing high-end name-brand items with regular everyday stores that are not particularly designer brands.


Aleali’s page is a whole vibe. With aesthetics that immediately evoke fond memories of the late, great Aaliyah and her effortless style and affinity for fashion, Aleali is one of the most prominent fashion trendsetting enthusiasts on the internet.


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