As shocking as it may be, "it is what it is" is not a mental health pick me up. As we spend more days in the new year, it is important to acknowledge that we do not control our surroundings, but we do control how we respond to these changes. Here are 11 mental health tips to help you thrive in these times.

Don't Attach Your Self-worth To Your Goals

We often gauge our self-worth based on the number of goals we can achieve in a specific period, and while it is noble to set goals for ourselves, we must remember that we are more than what we do, and we are not our achievements. Academic validation, career milestones, and beautiful relationships are all amazing achievements, but you are more than what you have done and what you do.

Take Social Media With A Grain Of Salt

Social media has made it practically impossible to be online without seeing someone who has our idea of what a perfect life would look like. In these uncertain times, it is vital to remember that the unrealistic timeline of achievements set in place by society is slowly but surely losing relevance.

Know That The Mind Is Powerful

The mind is powerful and fertile. Anything you constantly feed your mind will eventually grow and manifest. What do you say to yourself? Would you ever speak to other people the way you speak to yourself? Be mindful and conscious about what you think.

Give Yourself Grace

Be intentional about your thoughts and the way you speak to yourself. You're not stupid for making a small mistake, and it certainly does not define who you are. You are learning, you are healing, and you are more than all the things that tried to break you. You are more than a victim of your circumstances.

Be Careful With  Jokes

This is your wake up call. Self-deprecating jokes are no longer a thing. You do not need to be quirky and relatable by calling yourself stupid for making mistakes that the average person would make. 

Be Present

Being present is not always easy, but it is critical to stay present to truly appreciate life in the moment instead of dwelling in the past. Remember, you may have had it great in the past, and things went left, but that is not a reason to stay stuck in the past. Look to the future with renewed hope and conviction.

Stop People-pleasing

People pleasing can significantly stunt your growth. Anyone who thinks you are always "doing too much," does not deserve the privilege of a seat at your table. Period. Contrary to popular belief, you are never too much or too little for the right people. In 2022, ensure that you never feel the need to dilute yourself to be around people. Let people experience you whole, as you are, or not at all.

You Run The Show

In 2022, it's not about whether they like you; it's about whether you like them. Adopting this mentality will ensure that this year is your most healthy year mentally because this time around, you know that there's nothing wrong with choosing yourself and rooting for you.

Ask for help 

Do not be afraid to reach out to your tribe and support system whenever you need to. Isolating yourself emotionally and physically can be mentally draining but hearing from people and airing your emotions out can help you unpack, process, and work through it.

One Day At A Time

Life comes in ebbs and flows, and unfortunately, we can not go back to the past, no matter how much we want to. Being present and grateful is the best way to live life purposefully and stay mentally agile. You will also be happier when you understand that life has different stages and phases.

Know The Difference between Being Selfish And Looking Out For Yourself

Prioritize your mental health and understand that rest is not laziness. If you can't make it to that stuffy brunch date that drains you mentally and physically, then you don't. That does not make you less of a friend or a person; it makes you human and a mentally sound one.