By this point you’ve probably already seen all the Instagrams and blogs dedicated to sharing beautiful pages from people’s bullet journals. The possibilities might excite you, or the illustrations might just scare you away. Whatever it is, here are a few ideas as to how to get started with your own bullet journal. Remember, you can customize these however you want – they can be as artsy or as simple as you please.

  1. Colorful Weekly Layout

I love this bright way of organizing the week ahead. It even has room for extra notes and reminders for yourself!

  1. Daily Tracker

It might seem incredibly intimidating to see all these super artsy shots of masterpieces as bullet journal pages, but you can keep things as simple as this. Just make different icons for different meanings, with triangles meaning errands or circles meaning emails to send.

  1. Resolutions

A visual representation of your progress over the course of a month.

  1. Yearly Goals

You don’t need artistic skill to accomplish this wonderful visual.

  1. Inspirational Quote

Finally there’s somewhere to keep track of all of your favorite Oprah and Michelle Obama quotes.

  1. Structured Week

This minimalist design makes up for its lack of color with room for all of your week’s events.

  1. Books to Read

I am always seeing book recommendations by friends or people on Facebook, so this is a good place to jot all those must-reads down.

  1. Spending Tracker

If one of your goals is to get better control of your finances, then here’s the way you can get a visual of this plan.

  1. Floral One Page Week

I’m not sure everyone is capable of accomplishing this layout’s calligraphy, but it’s perfect for a short week or busy once-over.

  1. Year at a Glance

Just like your planners from high school, these will provide a great resource when on the phone planning your next threading appointment

  1. Workout Tracker

I really love the idea of keeping track of your physical progress as you get stronger and stronger every day!

  1. Home Cleaning Schedule

There’s something so comforting about knowing that there’s a plan for how you are going to keep your home clean.