If you’re a fan of Caribbean food or the child of a West Indian mother who insists on you learning to cook with your eyes, this one’s for you. Here are 15 step-by-step recipes that’ll have you feeling like Rih Rih in the "Work" video:

1. Jamaican-style curry chicken

This is a classic that’ll take a little bit more attention than others. Curry powder burns very easily and it also stains.

2. Roti skin

This dish is for the days when you feel like taking it to Trinidad. Pair it with a curry dish for maximum tastiness.

3. Oxtails

If you’ve never had it, this tastes way better than it sounds – we promise. For the ultimate oxtail lover, marinate your beef for 24 hours before cooking.

4. Bajan fishcakes

This deep-fried delight will keep you going back for more. Pro-tip: don’t use any extra salt in your mixture. Saltfish (cured codfish) is salty enough.

5. Beef patties

 You’ll want to give up Golden Krust forever after making these fresh patties.

6. Doubles

The Trinidadian dish that everybody falls in love with.

7. Caribbean chicken soup

You’ll never look at that can of Campbell’s the same after this.

8. Fried king fish

A hearty fish that’ll fill you up and keep you coming back for more.

9. Coconut curry shrimp

A modern, pescatarian-friendly take that you probably shouldn’t mention to the older West Indians that you know.

10. Jamaican pepper shrimp

For the spice lover, shrimp lover or both!  

11. Jerk chicken

An amazing summertime dish. Pro-tip: begin to prep this two days before you plan on eating it.

12. Chicken pelau rice

This is not a well-known dish, but it's an amazing classic none the less.

13. Callaloo and white rice

Also not that well-known, but still West Indian and thus, still amazing.

14. Macaroni pie

Americans call it macaroni and cheese, we call it Macaroni Pie and it is to die for.

15. Ackee and saltfish

The classic breakfast dish that’ll always beat cereal and can be eaten any time of day.