Sephora might stock luxury brands, but some of the best hidden gems on their shelves are in-house creations. The Sephora Collection stays winning by bringing out competitive palettes, all-day cream lip stains and foundation for every variety of skin type. And their latest release, 40 lipsticks each with their own unique shade and packaging in 3 fun finishes, are at the top of our list.

Are you looking for fun stocking stuffers for your beauty-obsessed loved ones? The bright, fun #LipStories are a great place to start. We love these holiday-adjacent hues below, and check out the remaining shades on Sephora!

Take a Spin

This bronze metallic shade is a fun look for your holiday party, but any metallic formula also makes for a wonderful top layer to your favorite nude lipstick.

Festival Lights

A deeper copper metallic is beautiful on its own, and the pigment will pair wonderfully with a smokey eye look.

Ice Breaker

You'll be beyond cool with an out-of-this-world shade like this deep, metallic purpley-blue shade.

Just Add Tinsel

This shimmering silver color isn't for everyone — but it's a fun look to get for your friend who would be afraid to try such a shade on her own. Help her step out of the box!

Cash Money

Not sure what to get someone? Money is always a good option — and this rich green is the perfect accompaniment.

City Beat

Know someone who's planning to hit the town for New Years? Consider this beautiful matte shade and let the tube match the surroundings.

Water Bay

Some of us don't love reveling in the winter wonderland around. For your sister who wishes she was on a beach right now, this lipstick might serve as a mini-escape.

Fire Side

Planning to roast some chestnuts on an open fire? This winter-ready shade will get you in the mood.

A Little Magic

You can't go wrong while wearing a classic red shade around the holidays — no matter what you celebrate.


This one is perfect for your friend who's wanderlust is taking over her life. Let this lipstick remind her of her goals


Can black lipstick be cozy? Yes, especially when it has a puppy on the tube and when paired with a sweet, oversized sweater.

Yum Yum

You might have put out cookies for Santa, but your mom might enjoy this cookie-covered lipstick instead.


A soft pink shade will compliment any sequined gown that New Year's Eve throws in your path.

First Class

Know someone who's ready to travel back home after the holidays? Even if they aren't seated in first class, this lipstick will have them feeling like a million bucks.

Spring Break

Let this versatile every-season shade hold you over until actual spring break arrives. You got this!