Whether you’re going somewhere fancy for Valentine’s Day or just kicking it at home, this holiday calls for fabulous makeup. To inspire your look this Valentine’s Day, check out these awesome makeup tutorials:

Bae Day (Valentine's Day Makeup)!, AllyiahsFace

This look takes Valentine’s Day makeup to the next level with a metallic, shimmery eye look.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial, Nellie Robert 

This makeup tutorial is classic Valentine’s Day with a bright red lip! 

Valentine’s Day Makeup Transformation, Briana Marie

This is definitely a bold look and the ombre lip is incredible.

How to Slay Valentine’s Day, Teaira Walker

This is a subtle look, but the hint of pink shadow makes it sexy and classy. 

Fun Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial: Pink to make the boys wink, Shantania Beckford

This look is rightly called pink to make the boys wink… look at that bright pink ombre lip! 

Easy Pink Affordable Drugstore Valentine’s Day Makeup Look, GrowWithTomi

I love the subtlety of this look. The nudes and the hints of pink shadow are definitely lowkey. Plus, this look uses affordable drugstore products!

DEWY Drugstore Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial, Pitts Twins

This is another tutorial that uses drugstore products to create a beautiful Valentine’s Day look! 

Valentine’s Day Makeup Transformation, LiaLeigh

This is a bolder look that uses bright red eyeshadow. If you’re feeling dramatic, I would definitely suggest giving it a try.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial, Esther Kuria

This is classic tutorial tied together with a classic red lip.

Valentine’s Pink Glitter Makeup Tutorial, msroshposh

You can't go wrong with pink glitter for Valentine’s Day!

Sexy Valentine’s Day Makeup, Tiarra Monet 

This tutorial is another option if you’re looking for a more subtle, minimalist look.

Valentine’s Day Inspired Makeup Look, Kaiser Coby 

This is a simple tutorial that doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day. The red eyeshadow is perfect for a date night out on the town.

And if you don’t have any plans or a hot date on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Here are some hot Anti-Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorials: 

ANTI Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial, Rose Kimberly

This dark red lip is not to be messed up with a goodnight kiss this Valentine’s Day.

Anti-Valentines Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial, Keishalayra

This look screams “I don’t need a Valentine’s Day date to be happy.”

Anti-Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial, Shanny Stephens

This smokey eye will take no prisoners this v-day!

Which look will you rock? Let us know!