There’s something so freeing about working from home — the ability to hop on your laptop in your PJs sounds so luxurious. You don’t want to spend all your time working from your bed, though. It’s important to carve out some space — no matter how small — for you to get things done. This can be a tiny table in your bedroom or living room, or even a whole room dedicated to your work. Whatever your home office looks like, here are some things to really make the most of your space.

A good desk lamp

Great lighting is key! Make sure you have enough light so you aren’t straining your eyes every time you sit at your desk. 

Ikea Forsa work lamp, $19.99

Water bottle

Not only is it important to stay hydrated through a work day, but it can also get very distracting having to constantly get up to fill up on water. Having a good-sized water bottle at your desk can help with your productivity and health. 

S’well 17 oz water bottle, $35


On a call and need to jot down some notes? Just remembered what you wanted to give your sister for her birthday? No matter what it is, it’s important to always have somewhere to store stray thoughts or ideas.

Rifle Paper Co. Rose Lined tear-off notepad, $8

Pen holder

Speaking of writing things down, make sure you have somewhere to put all your writing utensils! Nothing is worse than losing pens all the time.

Anthropologie pineapple pencil holder, $18


If you love to listen to the radio or your favorite podcast while you’re getting things done, a nice pair of speakers can do wonders for improving your sound quality. You can even use your speakers on a conference call if you don’t want to constantly be holding your phone up to your ear.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker, $109.95

Supply organizer

Even though it seems like everything is online now, it’s inevitable you will run into a need for some paper clips, a stapler or tape. Having one place to put everything just makes it that much easier when the need strikes. 

World Market Mirror and Metal Annabella desk organizer, $39.99

Surge protector

You’re going to have a lot of things to plug in, phone chargers, laptops, lamps, etc. Having a surge protector can save yourself from an unfortunate accident. 

Belkin 6-Outlet power strip surge protector, $10.99


It’s not just big offices that can get cold. If your workspace is chilly, have a blanket nearby that you can drape over yourself while you’re working on those expense reports.

Urban Outfitters amped fleece throw blanket, $49


Working at home means you get to save money on coffee and tea. Treat yourself to a nice mug that makes you happy every time you make another cup.

Philosophers Guild First Lines Literature mug, $13.95


Keep track of your commitments. This can be a great reference when you’re trying to plan for the weeks ahead.

Rifle Paper Co. Constellations flip calendar, $16

A good desk chair

If you’re going to spend a few hours each day sitting, make sure your seat is at least comfortable and won’t force you to go to the chiropractor.

AmazonBasics mid-back mesh chair, $64.99


Save yourself a trip to the print shop and get your own printer! Depending on your job, it might even be worth it to invest in a multi-function printer with scanning and copying capabilities. 

Brother all-in-one printer, $69.99

Backup drive

Keep all your information safe and secure! This can be for anything from work information to old pictures. Just make sure to keep your personal and work things separate just in case!

Seagate backup plus portable hard drive, $79.99

File cabinet

Store your important documents somewhere other than a shoebox under your bed.

Hirsh Industries steel file cabinet, $65.26

  1. Trash can

You don’t want your desk to turn into a landfill. Having a trash bin nearby means you can keep your space nice and tidy. If you work with a lot of paper, it might even be worth it to invest in a separate recycling bin.

Umbra corner waste can, $33.89


Brighten up your space a bit with a little life via plants!

 Fern, $16.67