It’s a tale as old as time and one that truly never gets old. It is a story of the importance of friendships and how, as we mature, our non-romantic connections start to more deeply fulfill us than any others. As life continues to test us, love fails us, jobs fluctuate and Joe Biden continues to drag his feet when it comes to cancelling student loan debt; sometimes our intimate friendships are the force that give us the strength to keep moving forward. As with any part of our life, flavor is the spice of life. Though many of us may find we share some similarities with our good girlfriends, the truth of the matter is we are all much better when our friend groups include people who are nothing like us. Those friendships we have where life is happening at a different pace for some and/or where things are still finding their groove for others can be a great resource for a difference in perspective, knowledge and advice. Simply put, none of us can make it out here alone. We need our friends and our friends need us. And we all need these three friend types to push us to our best selves. 

The friend who has been through some s***. 

We all need a friend who has seen the worst of what life can offer and come out on the other side. They can offer perspective on our bad days and celebration on our good days. They are often able to help us see the forest for the trees and they don’t have a problem being transparent about their bumps and bruises. They can remind us that even when you feel like the world is closing in on you, there is light to be seen. They are, at times, that light, for you and others. This friend can also be a voice of reason when you feel like your back is against the wall. Often times, true survivors are those that remain unchanged even in the face of hardship and those people are able to offer actionable items that lead to viable solutions. 

The responsible friend. 

This is your friend who may not always be down for a last minute trip or want to swim with sharks but this is the friend who can remind you that life sometimes requires some attention to detail. This is the person who will remind you to get a breast exam or take your car in for an oil change. The friend who is going to make sure everyone drinks water before bed after a night of pretending to be in college again. This is the friend who takes the lead on planning for the girl’s nights and collects the money for hotels. She is always going to ride but not blindly and, honestly, we love her for that.

The irresponsible friend. 

Yep. We need this person. This is the friend who will always make you feel young at heart. They will remind you of your goodness and they will make fun a priority. Adulthood can put even the most daring of us in a rut while sucking the spontaneity out of our lives. Our friend who has no problem calling in sick to work to take an impromptu road trip to see your favorite artist a state over is the friend who will remind you what life is all about. Yeah, they may get you in some peculiar situations but at least you’ll have the memories. Your friend who is not afraid to stand on a bar and sing a song at the top of their lungs is the one who you’ll sit on the porch with in your old age and tell your grandkids stories about how you really were them girls back in your day.