Getting to know your hair is a process. It won't happen overnight and your routine won't mirror that of your friends, family, or hairspiration. So if you've dissected your hair type and you're still not happy with your hair's moisture levels, it could have to do with your hair's chemistry. Just because you have a certain type of curl pattern doesn't mean all hair of that type performs the same. The porosity of your hair will also have a huge hand in what products your hair prefers and how it reacts to your techniques.

If you've noticed your hair drinks in water really quickly but feels dry soon after, you likely have high porosity hair. This simply means that your hair's cuticle is raised. This makes it easy for moisture to soak into your strands, but the downside is that it's harder for you to keep that moisture locked in place. If you've dyed or chemically treated your hair, you're more likely to fall into this category. But there are easy ways to work with your hair instead of against it. Try the tips below!

Strength training

Protein treatments will help strengthen your strands. This works against the damage you might have dealt with from hair dye, chemical treatments, heat styling, etc. The protein will fill the missing pieces of your hair shaft to help keep that moisture in place. You should do some sort of protein treatment at least once a month (maybe more depending on how your hair responds).

Seal it in

Once you moisturize your hair, you need to work as hard as you can to keep that moisture in. How? By using thicker products such as butters, especially those made with natural oils. The weight of these products will penetrate your strands and keep your locks feeling as healthy as possible.

Stay balanced

pH balance matters not only on your skin and in your body, but on your hair too! Using acidic products like apple cider vinegar and aloe vera in a weekly rinse will help to temporarily make the cuticle lie flat, keeping the moisture you apply in.

If you're struggling to keep that moisture locked in, try these three easy-to-incorporate tricks and watch your hair thrive!