Unfortunately, blackness has never been the societal standard of beauty. Therefore, the reality for many Black women is exclusion from from conversations about ‘beauty’. Black womens negative experiences with beauty often reflect within their dating life, social circles, and familial spaces. Even though Black culture, especially Black women, shape societal beauty standards, it only recieves praise when other people claim it as their own. Thankfully, Black women are reclaiming their bodies and beauty.  

While there is never a doubt that Black women are beautiful, eurocentric beauty standards often make this hard realize. Every aspect of blackness is worth affirming, and Black women deserve to receive affectionate words and affirmations. Let’s make positive self-talk and receiving compliments the norm. 

What are the benefits of reciting affirmations?

Affirmations generally embed specific statements into the minds of those who recite them. To affirm Black beauty is to reverse beliefs around typical beauty standards. In essence, saying affirmations daily can help awaken self-belief and improve relationships with yourself and others. You may read affirmations at any time, although many like to recite them early in the morning to set the tone for the day.

Reciting Your Affirmations  

Reciting affirmations can be most effective when repeated over a period of time. Here at 21Ninety, we believe it takes 21 days to set a habit and 90 days to become a lifestyle. So, read on for affirmations to deepen your appreciation of Black beauty. 

30 Affirmations for Falling in Love With Black Beauty

I admire Black beauty in all forms and manifestations

I am in alignment with self-acceptance, joy, and self-love

 I see myself in other Black women, and I celebrate our beauty

I am proud of my lineage and our features

I come from a long line of creative, innovative, and beautiful women

I proudly carry the faces of my ancestors

I have inherited flawless beauty

I am deserving of all the loving attention that I receive

There is nothing that I would change about my beauty

I gladly tell little Black girls that they are beautiful 

My beauty is inimitable 

My features are not a trend; I am timelessly beautiful

I am stunning in every way possible

I am in love with myself 

My validation is the only one I seek 

I am a mirror for others, and I reflect self-love 

My energy speaks volumes as I enter every space

I exude confidence because I am that girl

My womanhood is sacred to me, and I affirm it daily 

I’m expansive and release the fear of being seen

As a Black woman, I feel comfortable in my divine femininity 

As a Black woman, I feel comfortable showing up however I choose

I easily take up space and live softly

I am unphased by stares and comments about my noticeable beauty

My natural beauty inspires me and others

I am grateful for my health, body, and vitality

I am expressive and embody my style and essence with ease

I am proud of my natural hair and my relationship with it

I can go barefaced or full glam and still feel beautiful to my core

I smile at myself regularly and protect my precious joy