We’ve put you onto jelly nails, lipstick nails, velvet nails and now we’re back to put you onto another nail trend that’s set to take over the spring and summer months: 3D nails!

According to Allure, 3D nails originated as a Korean and Japanese beauty trend and have recently expanded out to the rest of the world. The nail trend combines the style of jelly nails with abstract 3D nail art, for unique creations that can fit the style of any and everyone. And literally, turn all heads.

Check out some of our favorite creations, and use them as your inspiration before you head to your next nail appointment!

Multi Color Jelly With Drip

French Nail Artist, ZBobiNails, created this multi color set which utilizes a deep navy blue, brown, orange, and seagreen color on jelly nails. If the colorway wasn’t enough to turn heads then the water-like drips sure will. 

Use this set for inspiration by choosing a color palette you’d like to feature on each of your hands, and play it up with your own water-like drips.

Intergalactic Space Vibes


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This nail set was created by Japanese nail artist, Eichi Matsunaga, and it is giving the girls all of the intergalactic space vibes that we could imagine. Matsunaga opted in for a clear acrylic base, but try yours with a metallic color to match your 3D nail art, or opt in for a solid base color to draw more contrast.

Texture, Texture, And Colors Galore!

French nail artist, Nails By Saliha, created this set which proves that you can never have too much texture and creativity – when it comes to 3D nails, go all out or go home! Saliha definitely let her creativity shine through, and so should you and your nail artist!

Draw inspiration from the trance of each wave, and the many colors that Saliha reached for to create this vibrant set!

3D On Natural Nails


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If you prefer to keep your nails all natural – don’t feel left out, you can still participate in this trend! Like nail artist, Shyn, start your set off with an abstract base and enhance it with chrome beads and other nail accessories.

Marble Meets Gold Accents


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Los Angeles based nail artist, Soji Nails, combined marble nails with gold accents for this set and we have to say – we’re definitely loving it! Both elements are able to stand out, while still remaining equally balanced. 

Use this set for inspiration by adding some marble accents to a clear base, and playing the set up by enhancing it with gold and chrome accents. Voila!