Christmas sweaters carry a unique significance, often associated with family gatherings, festive parties, and a sense of togetherness. Beyond their practicality, these sweaters have become a symbol of holiday cheer, with their designs reflecting the whimsy and traditions of Christmas. In recent years, the rise of the “ugly Christmas sweater” trend has further solidified its place in the hearts of Christmas enthusiasts. This trend, characterized by intentionally tacky and over-the-top designs, has gained popularity.

21Ninety has rounded up five Black-owned brands that offer festive Christmas sweaters, including plus-size options.

Black-Owned Brands That Sell Christmas Sweaters


Melaninful takes pride in infusing cultural elements into their Christmas sweaters, creating designs that celebrate Black identity. Inclusivity is a priority for Melaninful, with plus-size options available to ensure that their festive apparel is accessible to individuals of all body types.

My Pride Apparel

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My Pride Apparel is all about Black Pride! They add their own unique touch to holiday fashion. In addition, they offer plus-size options, allowing individuals to express their festive spirit while embracing their identity.


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Eeni joins the ranks of Black-owned brands offering festive plus-size Christmas sweaters. With a focus on women-inspired designs, Eeni provides a range of options catering to diverse styles and body sizes, ensuring everyone can celebrate the holiday season in comfort and style.

Greentop Gifts

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My Clarence Claus brings magic to Greentop Gifts’ holiday sweaters with designs that celebrate the diversity of Santa Claus. The brand’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in the availability of plus-size options, ensuring everyone can don festive attire that reflects the season’s true spirit.

Consider adding a touch of uniqueness to your celebrations this holiday season by choosing Christmas sweaters from Black-owned brands. Not only will you be supporting independent businesses, but you’ll also be embracing the diversity of holiday traditions. Whether you opt for bold prints, cozy classics, funky festivities, elegant designs, or whimsical wonders, these Black-owned brands have something special for everyone, ensuring that your festive attire is as unique as you are.