The 21Ninety team is happy to bring you ways you can get your booty firmer, tighter and sitting higher without ever having to go out of your front door. At least not until you’re ready to show everyone your progress. 

1. Dance in heels while you get ready

Dance at your own risk, of course — we're not responsible for any twisted ankles. But we'll take all the credit for the amazing butt-lift this will give you. 

2. Stop and drop it wherever you are

Squat while you're waiting for your morning smoothie to blend or for your meal-prepped dinners to get out of the microwave. Grab a weight or something heavy like pots or books if you want to take it up a notch. Take it slow or speed it up like Yoncé. 

You can do them anywhere. 

Pay these tips forward and get your friends involved. Real friends and good roomies won't let you squat alone. 

3. Leg raises while you and boo are on the phone

Merge this… 

With this… 

You and your bae will thank us later.

4. Netflix before you chill

Watching TV like this is probably flattening your booty. We know the popcorn is everything, but get to it after you've burned some calories in advance with lunges or wall sits. 

Remember — every little bit counts. Each workout gets you closer to your booty goals. Don't sleep on our tips! 

…Unless you sleep like this.