There’s nothing like a nice hot cup of tea in the morning, especially from one of my favorite Black-owned tea brands.  


Tea, a beverage deeply rooted in diverse cultures worldwide, has become a soothing drink and a daily ritual for many. It has become a daily ritual for individuals seeking solace and reflection in their hectic lives. Whether it’s the calming effect of herbal infusions or the refreshing kick of a robust black tea, people turn to tea for a momentary escape or a gentle start to their day. The preparation and consumption of tea provide a structured pause—a simple act that punctuates the daily grind with a moment of mindfulness. This ritualistic approach to tea isn’t just about the drink itself; it’s about carving out personal space, even if fleeting, amid life’s chaos.

21Ninety has rounded up five Black-owned tea companies that deserve attention for their quality and distinctive offerings.

Black-Owned Tea Companies to Explore

The Noir Tea Company

Specializing in premium loose-leaf teas, The Noir Tea Company combines elegance with bold flavors, creating an outstanding tea experience.

Flyest Tea Co.

Flyest Tea Co. brings a vibrant and eclectic twist to the tea scene. The award winning tea also known as “Your Rapper’s Favorite Tea,” sells various teas with fun names. In addition to selling teas, this Maryland brand also sells honey, gift boxes, and more.

Adjourn Tea House

Infusing a sense of tranquility into every cup, Adjourn Tea House creates blends that invite a pause, offering a moment of respite in the fast-paced rhythm of daily life.

Brooklyn Tea

Brooklyn Tea infuses Brooklyn’s diverse spirit into every cup. They offer a range of teas that capture the essence of the borough’s dynamic cultural landscape.

Just Add Honey Tea Company

Elevating the tea-drinking experience, Just Add Honey Tea Company crafts blends that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. They invite tea enthusiasts to savor the simple pleasures of a well-brewed cup.

These Black-owned tea brands continue to help our daily ritual of sipping tea. They contribute unique flavors and a rich cultural narrative to the tea industry. Each sip celebrates tradition, innovation, and the distinct stories woven into every tea leaf.