Our intuition is literally a gift from the Gods. To be able to discern right vs wrong, good vs bad, and safety vs danger, is a very important tool we’ve all been gifted with. However, we often may not always trust in our intuition and inner voice, therefore leading us to feeling lost and often alone in life. 

Let me tell you, life is not meant to be easy. If it was, we most likely wouldn't be here experiencing the human experience. And although going through hard times is extremely rough and seems to be a never-ending cycle of letdowns and disappointments, life is a matter of balancing the good vs bad. It’s a matter of going through hard times and learning critical lessons for us to each grow as individuals, and to somehow fulfill a higher purpose, meaning, and destiny. 

This doesn't mean that mistakes cant be made, it simply means that we each have the key to living a more happy and fulfilling life by honoring ourselves to the fullest extent. Our intuition and inner guidance were given to us to help us navigate through the hard realities and extremities of life. We each have a choice to choose our own life path, regardless of the circumstances we might have been presented with in the past, and despite where we currently are within our lives. 

When we ignore our inner voice, we automatically choose to disrespect ourselves, not because we may not love ourselves, but because we actually fear our own opinions. We fear the feeling of being right in situations that are screaming exactly what we think they are. Whether facing an unfaithful partner, family member, or an untrustworthy friend for instance, we choose to blindly forge ahead disregarding the red flags that may have presented themselves from the beginning. 

Our intuition was given to us to be able to help guide us, not steer us wrong on this journey, so if you’ve been struggling when it comes to seeking out the inner guidance within you, we're here to help. 

You constantly seek and follow the opinions of others rather than trusting in your own decisions/choices 

Making decisions is one of the hardest things we have to do in life. Our decisions, whether we believe this or not, ultimately lead us to exactly where we’re meant to be in the future, which can be a lot of pressure to deal with. Seeking out the opinions of others is okay, however, it’s when we always seek of opinions of others where we may not fully trust ourselves to make the right choice. By following your inner guidance, rest assure that you are never wrong for what feels right.

You are constantly on the go and can never sit down with yourself 

If you’ve been constantly on the go lately and haven't had time to just sit down with yourself, this can be the root cause of a deeper issue within. Remember that giving yourself time to reflect and rest is critical towards garnering a better relationship with yourself and is always extremely important for your mental and physical health. 

You may feel you have the answers but still don't know how to trust yourself 

Sometimes the answers we seek are right in front of us. It’s just a matter of being open to listening to our own inner voice. Trusting yourself is the key to unlocking your inner power and strength to combat any issue that you face in your life. 

You feel that you’re always at a crossroads and feel lost 

If you constantly feel like you're torn between decisions and don't know where to go next, this can be an indicator that your inner voice and intuition are screaming for you to hear them. Regardless of whatever decision you decide to make, please know that trusting yourself is the best issue to any problem that you face. 

Your mental/physical health is suffering 

If you feel that your mental and physical health is suffering as a result of ignoring your intuition, this is the biggest indicator that it's time for a bit of healthy self-talk and deep reflection. Trusting yourself isn't always easy, but when it comes down to your inner happiness and making the choices you think you should make for your own good, you can never lose.

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