Mindfulness is a trendy word right now. It is just like other words such as ancestors and manifestation along with toxic masculinity and narcissism. You hear the words often and at some point, these words become annoying because you realize that the intention isn’t to educate and bring forth healing, but to sell an unattainable lifestyle. If you don’t have the tools or the knowledge, mindfulness is just like anything that trends for capital; a gimmick. Mindfulness is being intentional with your thoughts, behavior, and time. It is being intentional with your speech and how you manage your emotions and energy. When you practice mindfulness, you are practically being intentional. Here are a few ways you can always be intentional with yourself in your day-to-day. 


Making your bed seems like a chore, but it’s a simple task to establish a routine that will help you become mindful. You are clearing the space in your sanctuary to allow your energy to flow. It also helps set up your upcoming tasks for the day.  


Meditation isn’t just about you hitting a singing bowl, holding on to a crystal, and repeating a chant. It is about you centering yourself and listening to your intuition. Initially quieting your chatter is difficult. It’s equal to being mid-prayer and an inappropriate thought crosses your mind. In meditation, it takes practice to get to a point of silence where you can listen to your intuition. Start with just one to two minutes and gradually increase your time. Remember to listen to what your body and spirit are telling you.


Journaling is great to show gratitude and appreciation for the tough lessons and the numerous joys. It is also a way to monitor your progression. As you heal and practice more mindfulness, the manner in which you journal will reflect that. It’s an organic way to monitor your growth as well as set your intentions for yourself.


For me, I was once vindictive and having to be in control of everything. From my dates to how I participated in others’ lives to simple tasks, it had to be done my way and my way alone. If it wasn’t done in that manner, then some heads are going roll. And somehow, I would find myself at the beheading with a stake ready to make an example out of those that did things outside of my orders. That was debilitating because I had to not only attempt the initially control the situation, I then had to transform into someone that showed no mercy and limits to whatever was needed to get the point across that you should do what I say when I say and how I say it should be done. It was a form of PTSD that I kept torturing myself. I can not control others. I can only control myself and how I react to others.  


No matter how difficult the circumstances are speak life into it. You may think it is the end of the road but that may not be the case at all. In fact, it could be the beginning of something new. 

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