Plus-size women’s selection of clothing has come incredibly far. Long gone are the days of ordering the “latest not-so-trendy plus-size fashions” out of catalogs. Plus-size boutiques have emerged as shining symbols of inclusivity and empowerment.

In a landscape where mainstream fashion predominantly favors slender silhouettes, these boutiques spotlight the diversity of body shapes and sizes. They go beyond the mere act of dressing; they are champions of self-confidence and visibility for every woman. These boutiques redefine the fashion narrative by breaking free from the constraints of conventional beauty standards. They acknowledge and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, the importance of feeling ‘seen’ in fashion cannot be overstated. Plus-size boutiques assert that every woman, regardless of body type, should wear clothes that make her feel radiant, confident, and valued.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a new item to add to your fall wardrobe or would love another plus-size-friendly store to add to your list, then search no further. 21Ninety has rounded up the top five plus-size boutiques.

Top Plus-Size Boutiques

Curve Conscious

Launching in 2016, the heart of Curve Conscious has always been about offering a distinctive and inviting space where plus-size individuals can buy and sell trendy, gently worn pieces at affordable prices. The boutique transitioned from its physical location in Philadelphia in 2021 and became an exclusive online hub for purchasing and trading secondhand plus-size attire ranging from 14 to 28+.


Started by Adrienne Parker, Curverra was designed to make plus-size women feel empowered, feminine, and sexy. She wanted her customers to know that style wasn’t limited to a woman’s size. Her clothing ranges from a size 14 to 24.

“I didn’t like how society consistently portrayed my demographic. It was very cliche. You either fit into this box or that box. Thats simply not how I saw us. As a plus sized women when we can be editorial , sassy, classy, chic, sexy, fun and a plethora of other qualities. It was and always be important to me to speak directly to my women and let her know how beautiful she is and how grateful we are to have her as apart of our tribe. Everything I was looking for in a brand and instilled in Curverra,” Parker to Shout Out Atlanta in 2021.

Fat Mermaids

Credit: @fat.mermaids/Instagram

Fat Mermaids champions the body-positive movement with its vibrant range of t-shirts. Jai Mobley, the creator the brand, designed shirts for those who wear their curves with pride in a society that often suggests otherwise. The boutique stands for embracing our unique magic, being audacious, and confidently claiming our space!

Mobley considers herself a “fat mermaid” at heart. She is also a devoted aficionado of cupcakes and has a penchant for all things radiant in pink and shimmering with sparkle.

Honey’s Child Boutique

Letitia Young is a plus-sized fashion enthusiast. She always craved a wardrobe that was not just stylish but also a showstopper. Her innate sense of style, entrepreneurial spirit, and bold risk-taking led to the creation of Honey’s Child.

Honey’s Child offers an eclectic mix of fashion, blending timeless elegance with contemporary trends. Whether you’re on the hunt for a dress or a swimsuit for that special occasion, rest assured, we’ve got you covered – in sizes tailored to embrace and celebrate you.

Dear Curves

Established in 2013, Dearcurves has become the definitive brand for modern, minimalist plus-size fashion. With a reputation for introducing capsule collections every quarter, Dearcurves is a testament to top-tier quality, continuously reshaping perceptions of the plus-size form.

The brand’s hallmark lies in its ingenious melding of high-quality fabrics with the vibrancy of traditional African wax prints. Notable personalities like award-winning singer Jazmine Sullivan and Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe have donned Dearcurves.