There is nothing quite like stumbling on a great podcast, filled with interesting talking points and coverage of subject matters that interest you. Podcasts with great production, and funny, charismatic hosts whose ideas and conversations are thought-provoking usually stick with you. In a world teeming with endless podcasts on an infinite number of subjects, both substantial and time-wasting, it is helpful to have a guide to help you decide which podcasts to listen to. The podcasts below are all hosted by Black women for Black women and other listeners. They cover subjects close to the hearts of Black women; therapy, relationships, life musings, and sometimes they cover heavy, sensitive subjects. 

These podcasts cover a range of interests and topics and will serve as a great company for any kind of occasion. Below are five podcasts that you absolutely should be listening to as a Black woman.

Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls is an incisive, interactive podcast hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. The podcast, as its name suggests, covers subjects of mental health, wellness, and personal development. This podcast aims to guide Black women into their best selves and tackles its heavily handed subjects with a welcoming relatability. Some of the subjects Therapy For Black Girls has explored so far include friendships, menopause, therapy and even skincare.

The Scottie & Sylvia Show

Scottie Beam and Sylvia Obell are two exciting media personalities who used to host the wildly popular Netlifx podcast Okay Now, Listen. The cancellation of that podcast was heartbreaking for many of their listeners who had grown to love their relatable and insightful conversations. Thankfully, the pair made a return to the mic this year with their new podcast The  Scottie and Sylvia Show. Produced by Issa Rae’s Raedio, their new podcast is even more entertaining and a delight to listen to. The two friends continue their tradition of being wholly themselves while talking about topical conversations, from interviews with Victoria Monét to exploring their villain origin stories.

Whoreible Decisions

Vice once described the Whoreible Decisions podcast as the “raciest, rawest podcasts on the internet,” and that just about sums it up. The podcast takes a no-hold-barred approach to discuss everything sex, wilddest kinks and relationships. Hosts Mandii B and WeezyWTF always have an unexpected but always interesting guest to chat with. They’ve interviewed doms, subs, couples, porn stars and even your favourite celebrities. 

Closet Confessions

At times funny, other times intensely thought-provoking, Closet Confessions is a must-listen podcast hosted by writer and journalist Candice Braithwaite and famous Tiktoker Coco Sarel. The podcast uses confessions sent in from listeners to explore wider, necessary conversations. Candice and Coco bring a hilarious, warm feel to this podcast that makes them an excellent companion for relaxing on a lazy Saturday or a long ride to work.

Black Girl Stuff

Black Girl Stuff, a Black women-hosted and focused podcast from the stables of REVOLT dedicates itself to unpacking the small and big issues that affect Black women. They discuss everything from relationships to careers and have interviews with celebrities while also unpacking topical news stories with a critical, sharp eye.