The pandemic left many of us unsure if we could go back to how things were in the past. With our mental health and joy on the line the shift in the labor force is to be expected. Why on earth would we, as valuable as we are, continue to be exploited for the sake of capitalism? Moreover, for those that are against vaccinations, the mandates are adding to lack of available employment (this isn’t advocating for or against vaccination). Whatever side of the coin anyone of us may fall on, the truth remains that giving the uncertainty of today’s employment labor, we need to create revenue for ourselves that isn’t dependent upon a corporation finding value in us. Here are five businesses that you can start post-pandemic.


With the turn-over rate in corporate America increasing, the need for greater gifting for coming on board has increased as well. Corporate box gifting allows your business partners to select several items from vendors of their choice and create personalized boxes for onboarding or any event your corporate partners see fit. Boxes often include candles, tea, planners and are curated around thoughtfulness.


The one thing that has always been needed and continues to be needed is a sanitation and cleaning service. This takes deep cleaning a step further and clears all points of contact and surfaces of harmful bacteria and viruses with the help of several techniques, products and temperature settings. It’s great and has proven to be very lucrative during this tumultuous time. Schools, places of worship, and daycares are just a few of the businesses that would need this service.


School districts nationwide have seen a shortage in educators. Their jobs are stressful as is, and now add in COVID-19 concerns on top of the lack of support and it is enough to drive the most sane person insane. This can seem like a bad situation. However, there is a silver lining. Some parents are opting for virtual learning or homeschooling which means if you are an educator with your certifications, you can become a tutor. The entrepreneur in you suggests that you not only tutor, but facilitate a way to connect other tutors to their potential students. 


You know how I just suggested that you start a service facilitating tutors to their prospective students? That can be applied across the board for any job field. We are entering a time where there are numerous vacancies that need to be filled. Find your niche and fill those vacancies.


If you can tolerate the creepy crawlers then there is a market for you. There will always be pests and a need for an exterminator. This is the one job that will continually keep on giving as upkeep and scheduled maintenance sprays are needed. Once you're licensed and bonded (specifically for government bids), you can place bids to receive contracts.