What are you doing after your workout, sis? It may be the reason you aren’t seeing any results. 

The final day of our  #BossWoman Fitness Challenge, brought to you by GrpFit, highlights post-workout mistakes. Here's what co-founder, Richard Bailey, had to say on how to make your post-workout recovery beneficial for the next workout.

1. You Treat Yourself with a Guilty Pleasure

After you exercise, you feel so good about all that hard work, so you decide to treat yourself to a burger and fries. Well, that just canceled out all that hard work that you just did. If you do this after every workout, you will not make progress and will become stagnant. Have a healthier option waiting for you at home, so you don’t feel inclined to eat a high-calorie, feel-good snack.

2. You Don’t Stretch

Stretching after your workouts will help maintain and increase your flexibility. If you choose not to stretch after your workouts, you may be more prone to muscle soreness and tightness, which can cause cramps. So, make some time for a post-workout stretch during your cool down. Your body will thank you when you don’t feel muscle fatigue the next morning.

3. You Don’t Hydrate

Hydrate after your workout to recover faster and to prevent any muscle cramps. Hydrate with water or a low-calorie sports drink to help replace the electrolytes and sodium you lost during your workout.

4. You Don’t Refuel Your Body

Make sure you eat after your workout to replenish your body. Refueling your body will help maintain your metabolism and help you recover faster. While you should make sure you eat, be conscious of what you are eating after your workout. Don’t go for that guilty pleasure because that will not correctly replenish your body. Try a protein shake or some nuts for a post-workout snack.

5. You Don’t Rest

You need to give your muscles a chance to recover and repair so that they can get stronger. If you do not rest, you will not recover properly and may cause yourself to get muscle tears or pulls. Make sure you get enough rest at night to ensure that your muscles are getting the recovery process they need.

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