It’s not uncommon for people’s views and beliefs around sex to develop from what they see on television and in films. In movies and tv shows sex is often spontaneous and passion filled. Seeing characters have a conversation about expectations beforehand is rare. Watching someone take time to make sure their partner is enjoying themselves is all but unheard of. And scheduling sex? Definitely not something you’ll see in a blockbuster movie or hit show. But real life is not like the movies. In long term relationships, couples can easily find that they get so caught up in day to day responsibilities that sex gets pushed further and further down the list. Psychologists agree that it’s completely normal, according to NBC News. Still, if you want to maintain the connection with your love, here are a few reasons why you should schedule sex. 

You Can Remove All Distractions 

You know what you need in order to feel your sexiest. But more often than not, life keeps us from having all of the things we need to feel our best. Maybe the house is a mess. Perhaps you can’t find the exact lingerie you love. But when sex is on the calendar, both you and your partner can work toward making sure everything is in place so there’s nothing to dampen the mood.

You Can Build Arousal 

When sex is on the calendar, you and your partner can make a day out of it. When the day arrives, dress in a way that makes you feel sexy. Cultivate that romantic energy all day long. You and your partner can build the excitement and anticipation by doing things to stoke those loving and lustful feelings. Write each other love notes before heading out the door then send texts about what you’re going to do to one another later that day. Women tend to need more time to warm up to the idea of sex. With a day full of foreplay, you’ll be more than ready when the time comes.

Scheduling Helps You Not Go Too Long Without

Life’s demands have a way of draining us. Drained people are rarely in the mood. That’s often why long term relationships end up sexless in the first place. Scheduling sex will not only increase the frequency of it in your life. It communicates to your partner that you value the physical intimacy you share and want ensure that it’s a priority.

Scheduled Sex, More Spontaneous Sex

When you have the sex you scheduled, it will likely remind you of how much you enjoy getting busy. One of the reasons so many long term relationships are sexless is because couples are simply out of practice. Once you dive back in, you might find that you don’t want to wait until your next appointment.

An Opportunity to Communicate 

When you have the chance to prepare for a sex session, you have more time to talk. With sex on the calendar, you have time to actually have conversations about what you would like out of the experience. If your sex has been feeling a little boring, you can express what you’d like to try this time. You can speak about what both you and your partner can do to make the experience more pleasurable for the both of you. And once you’re back in the habit of not only having sex but communicating about it, you can put those long-held fantasies on the table as well.