Monica forever holds a special place in the hearts of many worldwide. From her captivating voice to her fashionable style choices, her influence has remained solid since her early career beginnings in 1995. After the release of her first studio album, “Miss Thang,” her career has reached heights, solidifying her a household staple.

The beloved singer is bringing her talent as a headliner for the Blavity House Party Music Festival. This Nashville music festival will take place on June 14 and June 15. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster

As the fun-filled weekend quickly approaches, here are five reasons why we love Monica and why you should too. 

Her Impeccable Fashion

Each time Monica shows up on the timeline, the first thing fans gravitate to is her iconic looks. The singer may be known for delivering classic hits, like “So Gone” and “The Boy Is Mine.” However, her style makes her stand out. Her sense of style blends her youthfulness and sexiness with touches of tomboy chic. She’s been a fashionista since her supporters were first introduced to the songstress in the 90s. Following a nearly three-decade career, Monica remains one of fashion’s “it girls.”

Her Iconic Hairstyles

Fashion is not her only lane of expertise. Monica and her legendary hairstyles also have been inspiration for current and past generations. The Grammy Award-winning artist always grabbed the attention of crowds with how she wears her hair. From a short, signature pixie cut and vibrant fiery red hair to her sleek ponytails, she is not afraid to switch up her look.

Her Healing Lyrics

Before being recognized for her style and hair, her songs drew people to her. Monica was never afraid to keep it real with listeners, as she sang about her troubles and worries. The rawness of her being honest with fans created a space of healing and freedom. Her sultry voice gave listeners timeless songs, such as “Before You Walk out of My Life,” “Why I Love You So Much,” “Love All Over Me,” and “U Should’ve Known Better.” 

Her Commitment to Motherhood

When it comes to her children, Monica puts them before the music. As a mother of three, Monica publicly shows her close relationship with each of her children. She has always been vocal about her main priority being her kids. Throughout the years, fans have watched them grow up, while traveling with Monica for different events. 

Her Stage Presence

Monica knows how to command a room when it is time for her to perform on stage. Her strong vocals are attention-grabbing, and she makes it known that nothing else matters when she arrives. She is currently on the road with Nicki Minaj for her “Pink Friday 2” World Tour, and fans have loved every second of hearing the singer perform live again.