Michelle Obama is a role model for many reasons. She does so much for women and girls everywhere, serves as a point of inspiration for many and gives life-changing speeches. And although we miss seeing her on a more frequent basis, it's impossible not to feel happy for her as she's finally able to kick back, relax a little and travel the world with her family. And along the way, she's constantly serving us stunning looks! Let's take a look back at why Michelle Obama is the queen of vacations, too.

1. When she made beach chic look better than ever.

2. When her flutter sleeves were effortlessly cool.

Photo: Buzzfeed

3. When she invented pink tops and oversized sunglasses.


Photo: Twitter.com/nerdywonka

4. These high-wasted cargo pants. Need we say more?

Photo: Vogue

5. And this throwback when she wore the sunniest, most perfect floral number.

Photo: Politico

Keep on inspiring us not only in the amazing work you do for women, girls and the country in general, but also in your wonderful style, Michelle!