In recent years, Galentine’s Day has become increasingly popular as women remind us how important platonic relationships are. Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t going anywhere – if anything, couples are only becoming more creative in how they celebrate the annual holiday dedicated to love. Thanks to technology, long-distance relationships are more popular than ever before as internet users can now connect with soulmates all around the globe with the click of a few buttons.

Staying together with so much physical distance between you isn’t easy, but for many, it’s worth it. When times like Valentine’s Day roll around it can be easy to feel frustrated and emotional because of the distance. Allow those emotions to come up, but know that coming up with a unique way to make your partner feel your affection without physical touch and closeness can actually help bring you closer together. If you’re drawing a blank on how to connect with that special person in your life through the distance, read on for some ideas that you won’t soon forget.

Learn About Your Birth Charts Together

From how well Aquarians pair with fiery Aries to Capricorns softening for their Cancer counterpart, astrology compatibility charts can give you deep insight into your partnership. This can be a great way for you and your Valentine to strengthen your bond and give each other the gift of self-understanding. The more comfortable you are dealing with your inner light and darkness, the more space you’ll have to hold the emotions of others – something very necessary in the Age of Aquarius.

Apps like Co-Star and The Pattern are great places for beginners to explore their charts comfortably. The former will break down your sign in each of the planets and briefly explain the house it falls in. More advanced astrologers might feel more comfortable exploring this next level of their energy, but beginners can stick to the basics to avoid overwhelm. The second app offers a super cool synastry feature where you can see how different aspects between you and another might play out platonically or romantically. Not only can you create a custom profile for someone you think you could be compatible with, but you can also see what the stars say about you and your favorite celebrities.

Send a Care Package Full of Items You Know They Love

Has your Valentine been busier than usual this winter? Remind them how much you care by putting together a gift box with a few of their favorite things to make life a bit sweeter this season. Chocolates and candies will help to fill the void of your absence, along with a romantic playlist, a framed photo of you together, stuffed animals, fuzzy socks, and perhaps some new lingerie. If you’ve got the budget for it, slipping in a heartfelt piece of jewelry would be the ultimate cherry on top for your lover to unpack.

Plan an Afternoon of Activities for Your Boo, Which They Have to Vlog

A great way to feel like you’re spending time together from far away is seeing the world through the other’s eyes – or at least their camera lens. For those whose love language is adventure, we suggest curating an itinerary of things you think your other half would enjoy in their city. As they cross things off, their job (besides having the most fun possible) is to capture videos and photos which they’ll later edit into a vlog that both of you can hold onto forever. One boujee example for anyone considering this option is a coffee run, then a shopping trip to get a new outfit, a hair/nail appointment, and picking up flowers before heading home to show off all your gifts on FaceTime.

Netflix Watch Party

If you’re the kind of couple who prefers to keep things casual, or if you’ll be seeing one another in the weeks after Valentine’s Day, queue up a romantic comedy on Netflix, Prime Video, or your other favorite streamer. Many platforms now have built-in Watch Party platforms and ones that don’t come with your subscription can still be accessed in the Google Chrome store. Though these options don’t allow you to see one another, you can still set up a muted video call on your phone to see reactions in real time while you type your thoughts back and forth in the chat. It’s not quite as intimate as an evening of Netflix and chill, but it still keeps your connection going from miles apart.

Shop for Lingerie Together to Make a Calendar Full of Spicy Snaps

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy an X-rated experience together in your time of separation, we recommend putting on your Creative Director cap and creating a calendar. Decide which energy you want to bring to your picture for each month of the year, perhaps a flirtatious Cupid look for February, and a spicy bikini shot to make a splash in the summer. Then, invite your partner to do some online shopping with you, letting them choose (and maybe even purchase) at least a few of the pieces you’ll be modeling. Whether they know your plans is totally up to you, but either way, they’re sure to love seeing you tantalizing them whenever they check what day it is.