For those wanting to align their heart in the right space, these crystals for the heart chakra can guide the way. Read on to find out the best stones and crystals to restore harmony in your heart chakra.

What are chakras?

The chakra system is comprised of seven main energy centers in the body. The origin of the chakra system is found in the writings of the Vedas, an ancient Indian text. Notably the word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word which translates to wheel. When the energy flows easily through the chakras, or the wheels, there is harmony and unblocked, free-flowing energy.

What to know about the heart chakra

The heart chakra is all about the heart space, capacity for love and general openness. Since it is the 4th chakra, it is considered the gateway between the lower chakras and the upper ones. The Sanskrit name for the fourth primary chakra is Anahata.

Green is the color associated with the heart chakra and it is resonant with universal love, healing and emotional nourishment. As the energetic core, the heart chakra is the central teacher in how to be loved and love. A blocked or unbalanced heart chakra is associated with being out of touch with the emotions of others and self, lacking compassion, unforgiving and resentful. On the other side, an unblocked or balanced heart chakra is able to freely express emotions, accesses joy with ease, is trusting, empathetic and has a willingness to connect with the environment and every living thing. A balanced heart chakra allows for easeful flow through the higher chakras (throat, third-eye and crown) which means clearer heart-mind communication.

Add these 6 crystals for the heart chakra to your collection

Rose Quartz

$11.99 ($339.66 / Ounce)

Considered to be one of the principal love stones, rose quartz is the best stone overall for the heart and is the mother of all love stones. This is the perfect crystal to use for increasing compassion and connection with self and the world. Rose quartz is a great crystal to leave on the windowsill to invite loving energies, wear as jewelry or meditate with for heart-opening meditations. The rose quartz is also a stone that has been used in ancient civilizations to strengthen loving bonds between mother and unborn child and other relationships.


$5.49 ($5.49 / Count)

Restoring depleted sources of love is what rhodonite is known for. It is a stone that is known for its vibrant, soft pink hues and is rich in heart healing properties. Those in need of strength and joy after tough times can rely on Rhodonite to provide emotional and spiritual strength. It is also great for balancing out energies in the home for a truly loving space.


A sacred stone for many ancient civilizations for good reason, Jade is one of the most powerful crystals for the heart chakra. Known to be the stone of luck, expect Jade to open your eyes (and heart) to attract good things in life visions and love. Jade is known to promote calm in the heart space as well as bringing intense mental and emotional clarity to free up space to love without limits.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known as the stone that nourishes a relationship with the Earth and spiritual wellness. Those looking for a grounded relationship with the natural world will find most results with setting intentions to regulate the nervous system and energy. This is a crystal to ensure that you are rooted enough to receive and provide abundant love.

Golden Prehnite

$14.99 ($14.99 / Count)

A luminous gem that glows with vibrant loving energies, golden prehnite is a perfect crystal for the heart chakra. A keen desire to clear stagnant energy and recenter will be magnified with this stone. Golden Prehnite is also called on for empaths, healers and those sensitive to energies. The pale green, milky stone promotes gentle healing and counters burn out. Meditate with greater focus and return to self-love with psychic levels of inner-healing.


There is no greater crystal to release heavy emotional baggage. Rhodochrosite, a stone that gets straight to the point of cultivating pure positive energies after experiencing trauma or pain. Much like Rhodonite, it connects you to your power to allow for greater heart intelligence. Rhodochrosite is a cleanser and helps you confidently move through things that prevent you from choosing love often. It is also a great stone for the root and solar plexus chakra.

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