Hey Scorpio season, is that you? Bring all that powerful sensual energy over this way, girl! But can you put out a teeny bit of that emotional fire on your way over? Thanks! If you’re into astrology or just find yourself intrigued by how the stars align to affect the lives of those around you, Scorpio season is quite the experience. If you’ve ever heard things about people born under this sun sign, you know they have quite the reputation for their sexual prowess, emotional intensity and tendency to lean towards the mysterious. Though Scorpios can be a good time, they are not the people to cross as their desire for revenge can mean anyone who gets on their bad side is in for a ride. So what does that mean for the rest of us as the season of the scorpion is upon us? It means we should all talk to each other really nice. But not to worry, the good far outweighs the bad in this season. 

Here are some ways to harness the sensual, mysterious and assertive energy of Scorpio for the next few weeks. 

Scorpio is all about truth, so seek it out. 

If you’ve been wanting to get to the bottom of touchy subjects, Scorpio season is a great time to brush off your detective skills and dive deep for answers. Deep transformations are bound to happen in this time so the secrets you’re uncovering could really be things that are on the insides of you rather than someone else. 

Get intimate. 

Scorpio’s sexy energy invites us all to let go a little and prioritize pleasure. This is a great time to purchase some new bedroom toys or try out positions that you’ve only had the nerve to dream about. If you don’t have a partner, using this time to explore your own body can have maximum results so don’t shy away from showing yourself some love. 

Shoot your shot. 

Scorpio season is a great time to make your desires known to people. If you’ve had your eye on someone, let them know. A flirty text or a in-person flirt session could really payoff in this time. Don’t forget Scorpio is one of the water signs and water is all about flow—don’t force anything but instead surrender to the vibes and let go. 

Channel your emotions into creativity. 

Emotions will be plentiful during this time so dust off that old journal, pick up an instrument or write a letter to someone you love. Harness all of that free flowing intensity into something that will make you feel lighter when it’s all said and done. Try tapping into your heart and seeing if it leads you to a new hobby, passion project or geographical location. 

Stand up for yourself. 

Scorpio season can feel like a time where all the things you’ve been wanting to say are threatening to either jump out without warning or force you into passive aggressiveness. You can get ahead of it all by choosing to be honest about your needs with those in your life and being ok with where the chips may land as a result. Vulnerability can be tough but this time is one supercharged with harmony, if you’re willing to take the risk. 

Act on a goal. 

This is a great time of the year to knock out one of your goals for the year. Scorpios can be all about getting to action, so harness their power to make things happen.