In honor of Black History Month, here are a few Black fashion designers who are taking the fashion world by storm and leaving an indelible mark.

Tia Adeola by Tia Adeola

Although this passion started from the comfort of her dorm room, Tia Adeola has expanded her fashion brand that has gained Vogue recognition and a recent slot on the prestigious New York Fashion Week menu of events. Her brand features eclectic, cutting-edge pieces that boast elegant frills, feathers, wool, and rayon, to name a few. Everyone needs an item from this brand in their closet!

LaQuan Smith by LaQuan Smith

In a world that continues to make well-deserved room for Black designers, LaQuan Smith has taken a seat at the table. The brand recently made headlines at New York Fashion Week and continues to evoke chic glamor heralded by sexy silhouettes. LaQuan Smith's designs contain stylish, elegant elements and have set a precedent for Black designers everywhere.

Fenty By Rihanna

From her groundbreaking music career to making headlines in the lingerie line, Rihanna has indeed proven over and over again that the Rihanna reign just won't let up. If you are a fan of lingerie, then you know that her items dominated the market this past Valentine's season, and it's only up, up, up from here. Through her Savage X Fenty brand, she's giving other multi-billion dollar lingerie brands a run for their money by catering to— and including— people of various shapes and sizes.

Andrea Iyamah by Dumebi Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah's pieces are a solid ode to her home country of Nigeria. Her swimwear line's exquisite cuts and fierce elegance add a new and vibrant flair to femininity. The colors she opts for are rich and unapologetically complimentary to melanin skin. Iyamah's fashion philosophy is that women are a part of cultural history as a whole, and her designs push this narrative forward.

Romeo Hunte by Romeo Hunte

With versatile styles that have been worn by Keke Palmer, Zendaya, Saweetie, Michelle, and Beyoncé, to name a few, Romeo Hunte's pieces are trend-setting and speak loudly for themselves. His recent collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger breath new air into what we know as revolutionized street style. 

Tracy Reese by Tracy Reese

If you are a fan of bright, bold, floral, and retro-inspired patterns and designs, then you will love any Tracy Reese piece you set your eyes on. Many A-list celebrities, including Regina King and former first lady Michelle Obama have been seen in some of her fashion gems. In addition to her clothing brand, she launched a brand in 2019 called Hope and Flowers that honed in on sustainability and ethical production practices. In addition to her fashion accolades, she has been a CFDA board member since 2007.

Olivier Rousteing

In 2011 at only 24 years old, Olivier Rousteing was appointed as the creative director of Balmain. This career stride made him the youngest creative director in Paris since Yves Saint Laurent. He has made huge strides since setting the Balmain Army apart as a brand specializing in smart, well-tailored pieces and is loved by many celebrities. Rousteing's savvy use of social media has also made him an unstoppable force.