Blazers are back and now edgier than ever. Circulating from a variety of different styles that range from oversized to, well, chic and fabulous, we’ve got you covered with seven of the best blazer looks to add to your closets this month. Hopefully, this can be a bit of inspiration for those who are having a difficult time trying to rock a blazer and maybe spark some chic and sexy ideas for your next outing. 

These seven sexy and sophisticated blazers may be exactly what you need and have been looking for to spice up your style. So let's take a deep dive into one of the hottest trends of the year that's currently making a comeback. 

The Blazer Dress

Blazer dresses are always a great choice when it comes to balancing the perfect masculine/feminine look. Try opting in for a Blazer Dress for that next event. It takes literally five minutes to fully put together with little to no hassle at all. 

The Statement Blazer 

It’s absolutely vital that you keep a statement blazer in your wardrobe. Finding the perfect statement blazer means that you can stick to neutral/one-tone colors for the next stylish fit that will have you out the door in minutes. 

Business Casual 

Who doesn’t love the perfectly styled business casual look for a day to night of chic and fabulous? Business casual blazers are great for an easy work and play style for the perfect holiday spirit. 

50 Shades of Gray 

A grey blazer can help bring a dull outfit to fabulous. Just pair with the right colors to accent and match the style that you’re looking for. 

A Bit Oversized 

Oversized blazers are trusty when it comes to rocking the '80s inspired trend. Whether pairing off with a good ole pair of boyfriend jeans or even rocking with a pair of sweats, oversized is never considered the wrong size. 

Falling For Plaid 

Plaid blazers are back and now more stylish than ever. If you’re looking to opt-in for a plaid blazer, you’ve chosen the perfect time with the holidays around the corner. 

A Pop of Color 

Looking to stray away from your normal neutral tones? Try adding a pop of color to your next blazer fit. A pop of color is a great way to add fun and sophistication to your look, while also giving you an excuse to dress up and spend a night on the town.