The world gives the word “impatience” a bad reputation. In many ways, if a person is seen as impatient, they are placed at the lower totem pole of good character. It does not have to be this way because impatience is a necessary tool to navigate through life, and even the most level-headed people often get impatient on occasion. As kids, we were taught to be patient, to wait our turn, and to know that “the patient dog eats the fattest bone,” but that is not always true; here are seven times impatience can work out in your favor.

Toxic Situations

In toxic relationships or “situationships” the person to who the toxicity is directed often feels the need to “stick it out” or “endure” because their abuser will “change.” If you watch any Crime TV, then you know that many people who stay in a toxic relationship while ferocious abuse is going on often end up severely hurt. In cases like these, staying unnecessarily “patient” is dangerous. A person in a toxic relationship or work environment should be impatient enough to want to change the energy around them immediately rather than endure it.

When You Need Results

There are many processes and procedures that come along with every aspect of life, and sometimes, waiting is an unnecessary drab. For example, if you need something done at a particular time, and your colleague at work is holding it up, keep them accountable by following up. This is tricky because there is a fine line between low-key badgering, and it can be hard to find the sweet spot, but with consistent practice, it works. Knowing when to stop and use another strategy to get the desired results is also important.

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When Enough is Enough

Outside of relationships, there can be situations or people who make us feel less-than or challenge our self-worth. In the court of public opinion, the mature thing to do is to let it go, be patient and turn the other cheek. By doing this, we subject ourselves to unnecessary emotional turmoil, which robs us of a soft life, and nobody needs that. Using impatience to attack your problems when you feel you’ve had enough of something is an excellent tool.

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When You Need to Change Your Life

Turning your life around or pursuing your dream is a great goal, but it requires strategy, consistency, and a dose of impatience. Many people who want to make more money, go on vacation, or simply be more present with family often think that leaving things exactly the way they are and staying patient is the way to go. Although patience plays a role in life, impatience is equally effective. Impatience is the rarely-mentioned catalyst that pushes people to go beyond their boundaries and reach for more.

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When You Need to Stay Motivated

Most people who achieve results are often impatient and eager to get to the crux of the matter, and their impatient works hand-in-hand with motivation. To get the desired goal, motivation is a necessary skill to have, and to stay motivated, impatience needs to be a part of the equation because a lack of impatience also triggers low energy and a lowered sense of urgency, which is ultimately detrimental.

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When Success Is A Priority

It pays not to wait around, which is why many successful people have a reputation for applying consistency and looking for different avenues to do things instead of sticking to one idea and patiently waiting for it to succeed. Taking the bull by the horns figuratively means that you are impatient enough to advocate for your success and do it yourself. Applied for a job and didn’t get one? That is okay. It is better not to wait around for the hiring manager or recruiter to call; instead, apply to 100 more jobs until you get hired.

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When The Decision Is Yours

We have the power to make choices that can affect the outcome of our future. Many times, it can be easy to let someone else take that power from us by being too lax and letting things progress on their own. Instead of saying, “oh well, it will happen when it happens,” try “I got this. I’m going to do X, Y, and Z” to make this happen. I am that girl.” Being patient can be nice, but having the impatience to go after something new or change a situation in your life because it no longer serves you is a game changer.

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