Are you tired of hiding facets of your personality? Are you tired of always second-guessing what other people think of you? Are you ready to stop existing and really start living? Are you ready to step into your most-fulfilling life? If you answered “yes”  to these questions then you’re probably eager to step into your most authentic self!

And don’t fret – if you are unsure of where exactly to start, here are seven ways to begin your transformation!


Wear More Bright Colors

Most people are usually scared to stand out too strongly, and one of the best ways that we play on this insecurity as people is through our wardrobe. We opt for clothes that allow us to blend in, rather than make a bold statement. But the best way to toss this insecurity to the side is to incorporate more bold colors and statement pieces into your wardrobe.

That patterned dress that you second guess wearing because you’re scared of what other people may think – or those flared out pair of jeans you have that you desperately want to rock but just can’t seem to bring yourself to do it – well bring those items out, and rock them fiercely! You’ll even notice a difference in your confidence and overall mood!


Give Up Caring About What Other People Think Of You

One of the biggest factors that keeps us living small is our fear of judgment and what other people may say or think about us. But truthfully, why should that matter? Chances are, the people who are most important to you and play a strong role in your life, love you exactly the way you are and probably don’t have anything negative to share about you. So why should anyone else’s thoughts and opinions matter?


Share Your Authentic Opinions

We live in a world where commonality is amplified – whether that’s through the information that we consume or the communities we’ve built on social media. Commonality is something that we can’t escape. And while it should be embraced, we should also learn to welcome and accept our differences – our differences in thoughts, opinions and perspectives.

After all, we each live a very different lifestyle and experience life in very contrasted ways, so therefore we each have a different view to offer. Let’s take the time to welcome that, and truly listen to what has to be shared. 

Start this cycle by freely expressing your thoughts, opinions and views. 


Stop Indulging In Negative Self-Talk

One of the biggest ways that we can end up further shattering our own self-confidence and living small, is by frequently indulging in negative self-talk. Pay attention to the things that you say to yourself when you encounter a difficult task, or even hit failure. Are you continuing to belittle yourself or are you uplifting yourself with positive words of encouragement? 

Remember your identity and overall life experience starts with you. Set a positive tone with your inner-thoughts and self-conversations.


Make Time For Mindfulness

How can we step into our most authentic selves if we don’t take the time to truly know ourselves? If we’re not spending reflective time with ourselves? Decipher who your authentic self truly is by making time for activities like meditation, journaling and reading. By doing this, you’ll discover things that you never realized about yourself, and also develop the priority of putting yourself first.


Do Things That You Enjoy – Even If It’s By Yourself

Stepping into our most authentic selves isn’t just accomplished through inner-reflection. It’s also determined by the world we choose to surround ourselves in. Do you have a list of experiences that you want to indulge in? Places that you want to go? But you just can’t find the right people to accompany you? Well, go at it alone! It may seem scary at first but why keep holding yourself back from experiences that could bring you a limitless amount of joy?


Remember Being Who You Are Will Attract Your True Tribe

Accomplishing all of these steps will not be the easiest thing to do, and it will be difficult to let go of other people’s perceptions of you as you embark on this journey. But remember that in taking these steps you will surely attract those that will accept you as you are, fully. You’ll never have to hide yourself ever again – and honestly, what could be better than that?

Live boldly. And live in your most authentic self!