Black influencers are receiving recognition for their plant-centric lifestyles and encouraging their followers to adapt to the diet, too. From social media stars to eco-conscious cooks, veganism is becoming more popular within the Black community and working to decolonize the white-centric diet. Whether they're sharing plant-based recipes for health, wellness, or environmental concerns, here's eight Black vegan influencers to diversify your Instagram feed.

Rachel Ama

This London-based YouTuber and recipe creator can completely inspire you to swap out your comfort meal to try a new, culturally-inspired dish. Her Caribbean and alkaline recipes have included barbecue jerk ribs, brioche bread and even an Easter-themed meal. Rachel Ama’s second book, One Pot: Three Ways, is about to be released in August, so you can add it to the stack of cookbooks in your kitchen!

Ashley Renne

Ashley Renne promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle while simultaneously encouraging activism in the vegan community. She recently became a mother, so she began creating content for other plant-based mothers or those interested in raising eco-conscious children. Between sharing posts that discuss the whitewashing within the veganism movement and advice for vegan travelers, Renne’s page will educate you on an unfamiliar topic.

Jenné Claiborne

Sweet potato-connoisseur and chef Jenné Claiborne has been leaving her legacy in the Black vegan community for years with her endless amount of recipes. After growing up in Atlanta Georgia, most of her recipes like smokey collard greens and decadent peach cobbler have a noticeable Southern influence. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to spice up your dinner, Claiborne’s YouTube channel or cookbook have a recipe calling your name.

Haile Thomas

This 20-year-old activist and international speaker is the embodiment of incorporating wellness into a plant-based diet. At age 12, Haile Thomas founded HAPPY, her nonprofit dedicated to encouraging plant-based wellness and holistic health for underserved communities. Her recently published book, Living Lively, encourages its readers to take care of their health and wellbeing by following seven “points of power” that are featured in her book. 

Tabitha Brown 

TikTok icon and beloved mother Tabitha Brown easily won our hearts with her cooking videos and warm advice. Her recent collaboration with McCormick Spices to create an all-purpose seasoning quickly sold out within an hour. We love Tabitha and can’t wait to pre-order her new book, because that’s our business!

Adjoa Courtney

Culinary sensation and adored chef Adjoa Courtney is your go-to for culturally influenced plant-based dishes and recently published her fourth cookbook, From My Ancestors' Table: African and Caribbean Vegan Food for the Soul. As a mother of four, Courtney keeps herself busy as a mom and Charlotte, North Carolina's celebrity chef. Follow Chef Joya on TikTok for more in-depth recipes!

Todd Anderson

Known for his charming TikTok videos, Anderson, also known as TurnipVegan, knows exactly how to convince his followers to bake an unfamiliar recipe. His vegan junk food videos will have your mouth watering and send you to the grocery store. If you're near San Diego, Anderson also co-owns Spoiled Vegan Cafe to serve vegan breakfast and brunch on the weekends. Check out his Rasta Pasta or Jalapeño Chili Macaroni and Cheese!

Dominique Williamson

Sheet pan nachos, lobster rolls and teriyaki chicken fried rice are three of the flavorful dishes found in Dominique Williamson's Instagram blog and cookbook. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Williamson frequently rates and reviews vegan spots located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and if she can't find it nearby, she's bound to create it. You can shop her recipes for birria tacos, Nashville hot chicken sandwiches or purchase an entire cookbook on her website.

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