Actors Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are proof that everything happens in its perfect timing. The pair first explored a romantic relationship back in 2002 and things even progressed to engagement.

Unfortunately, the pair didn’t make it down the aisle. But now, twenty years later, the stars have found their way back to one another, are eagerly engaged once more and ready to take that walk down the aisle.

On April 8, Lopez hopped onto Facebook and Instagram and alerted fans to make their way over to her newsletter,, because she had some very special and more personal news to share. 

It was there that fans were greeted with the engagement news and even got a peak at Lopez’s dazzling ring! 

Keep scrolling as we recap our favorite Bennifer moments!

Affleck’s Iconic Appearance in J.Lo’s “Jenny From The Block” Music Video

The couple definitely heated things up when the music video for Jennifer’s “Jenny From The Block” premiered on MTV’s “TRL” in 2002. The music video featured some steamy scenes of the couple, and focused highly on the media’s fascination, or irrational obsession, with Jennifer, as well as her relationship with Ben.

Affleck’s first proposal to Lopez.

Back in 2002, Affleck popped the question with a 6.1-carat pink diamond ring! And get this – the ring was worth $2.5 million. Here, Lopez is pictured rocking the stone at the 2003 premiere of the film “Daredevil,” in which Affleck starred.

Affleck And Lopez Appear In Their Second Film Together, Jersey Girl.

Despite calling off their engagement in 2003 and starring in their first film which… didn’t do so great (“Gigli” released in 2003), Affleck and Lopez still managed to keep their working relationship intact and starred in their second film together, “Jersey Girl.” The film and the duo’s second on screen pairing received a much better reception than the first. 

In April 2021, rumors began swirling that the pair had reunited.

When news hit the internet that Lopez and Affleck were spotted meeting in Los Angeles, hopeless romantics everywhere found themselves jumping for joy. Once the speculation was confirmed, the duo’s reunion served as the perfect fairy tale example that true love is never really lost. 

The couple makes their return to the red carpet!

Lopez and Affleck publicly unveiled their reunion at the Venice Film Festival in September of 2021. The couple looked absolutely stunning as Lopez rocked a white Georges Hobeika gown with a plunged neckline, paired with Cartier jewelry and Jimmy Choo heels. Affleck wore a sleek, black tuxedo.

Affleck joins Lopez at the premiere of her film, Marry Me.

The couple kicked off 2022 by appearing at the premiere of Lopez’s latest romance film, “Marry Me.” The lovebirds held back no PDA, as they warmly embraced one another for photos. Affleck even planted a loving kiss on his lady’s forehead. 

Affleck and Lopez are all smiles and news is reported that the couple plans to shack up!

The beautiful couple is photographed in all smiles, as news hits the internet that they are reportedly gearing up to purchase a 50 million dollar Bel-Air estate. The couple is wasting no time merging their lives, families and preparing for their future together.  

J.Lo’s new ring, of course!

Once fans headed over to Lopez’s website, they were greeted with a short video of the actress rocking the green-hued engagement ring. Exact details about the jewelry piece have not yet been released, but many outlets have speculated that it’s a green diamond ring as opposed to emerald. 

According to People, Lopez once revealed that green is actually her “lucky color.” She stated, “I always say the color green is my lucky color. Maybe you can remember a certain green dress… I’ve realized there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green.”