So you’ve thought about going natural, maybe pinned a few inspiration pics to your Pinterest board for later. But when exactly is later?

On your last wash day, you even let the curls stay an extra day as you pondered diving into the natural girl pool. Or maybe you tried it for a while but didn’t commit.

Whatever the circumstances might be surrounding your concealed curls, the truth is that you aren’t the only one.

So why haven’t you gone for it?

Maybe you need a revamped perspective, or to hear from a few others who’ve been right where you are. Where ever you are on your hair journey, these poets have been there, too. From the soul awakening to the social anxieties, these poets align art with their truth in a way that we all can relate to.

Elizabeth Acevedo – "Hair"

Aisha Oakley- “Good Hair”

Kyla Jenée Lacey – "For colored girls with 4c hair" @WANPOETRY

Jamila Woods – “My Afropuffs” & “THE BIG CHOP

Listen here and here.

Portia Bartley – "Natural Tutorial" | All Def Poetry x Da Poetry Lounge

Mina West – The Crown | (Natural Hair) Spoken Word Poetry

Black Magic || Spoken Word Poetry by Alyestal

Teeanna Munro- “Burn Scars”