Believing in potential is like believing the world is flat instead of a sphere- You just simply can’t deny the truth of what is and the truth of what isn’t. 

Potential is an easy custom to follow because we want to feel like we have the power to change others and experiences that are presented to us, however, what we don’t realize is that believing in potential is one of the best ways to harm our own inner self-esteem, inner knowing, and divine intuition of the truth that is presented to us. 

If you’ve been finding yourself being blindly led by potential, then you were meant to read this article. Many of us struggle in wanting to control the uncontrollable and we can therefore get caught in a never-ending cycle of believing in false expectations that lead to future disappointments. 

It doesn’t present the full truth 

Believing in potential is a double-edged sword because you’re only presented with the what-ifs and the could be’s surrounding a situation. When a person, situation, or experience presents themselves exactly as they are- it’s best to accept them exactly as they are for the sake of your mental health rather than believing you can “change” or alter them. 

It sets you up to believe close-minded expectations 

This isn’t to say that hoping something will change for the better can't happen, because if we’re being completely honest it definitely can, though, this also means that believing in potential is like believing in a false paradise. It’s easy for us to fall into a cycle of wearing “rose-colored glasses” but there are dangers to doing this as it sets us up in believing in expectations. 

It enables denial and excuses 

Denial is something we’ve all been guilty of one way or another. Sometimes we really just want to believe in the success surrounding the situations in our life without really acknowledging them for what they are and why we’re experiencing them. Relationships and experiences can only come to us for a season to help teach us certain things about ourselves and it’s okay to acknowledge that not everything is meant to stay. 

It inhibits you from accepting people and things for who and what they are 

We’re all different in many ways, and sometimes we may want someone or something to look and be exactly how we envision them to be, however, this is a huge disservice to you and other people. 

By only wanting to believe in the “perfect” image rather than accepting the circumstances in your life for what they are, you create resistance within every area of your life. By being open-minded that not everyone and everything is meant to be like you or succumb to a certain image of how you view them to be, this can help you live life more freely while helping you to accept things exactly as they present themselves to be. 

You’re only thinking of the future rather than embracing the present moment 

When you trust in potential, chances are that you may only be focused on the outcome rather than being present in the current moment. It’s easy for us to want to think so ahead into the future, however, when we do this we lose sight of our current reality. 

You’re subconsciously putting others on a pedestal 

Putting others on a pedestal is one of the best ways we limit ourselves. We want to sometimes view that others can be better than we are in certain ways, therefore creating an imbalance in energy and naturally creating resistance in our relationships and experiences. 

Believing in potential means you’re most likely settling 

When you believe in potential, this most likely means that you’re settling for less than what you deserve.