If you and your new boo need to spice up date night after your first link, we've got you! These eight ideas are bound to encourage you both to step out of your comfort zones and explore more creative bonding moments together. Whether you're the adventurous type or enjoy a chill evening with a glass of wine, here's eight options for date number two.

Go to a pottery class together

  • If your romantic interest hinted that they’re into ceramics or enjoy hands-on activities, search in your area for local pottery classes. Give it a spin and bond over the new bowl or cup that you both create during your visit. Who knows? Maybe your third date can be spent painting your new item!

    Listen to live music or attend karaoke

    • Either you’re the type of person that likes to listen to music or the type of person that likes others to listen to them. If you happen to be both, these two options give you the chance to perform your go-to karaoke song or check out the jazz scene in your town. After all, the romance in High School Musical started with a karaoke night.

  • Visit your local bookstore

    • Not only is a bookstore filled with different genres and tales to explore, but you and your date can choose a book for each other to read or read aloud to each other. We’re thinking a romance novel might be the best choice for a date night, but maybe a cookbook or travel guide is up your alley.

  • Experience a museum after hours or opening night for an exhibit

    • If you happen to live near a museum, art gallery or aquarium that has an adult evening like The Georgia Aquarium, an after dark event following regular closing hours is an excellent way to expand conversations from your first date in a somewhat fancy setting. Although these nightly events are not found at every exploratorium, opening nights at a gallery or similar venue often have live music/speakers, drinks and finger foods to give the same experience.

      Exploring the waters

      • For the adventurous duo, let nature be your guide for your second date. Whether you both prefer kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding, the boats are set-up to cater perfectly to a couple. Having a picnic afterwards is the perfect way to end the date as well as congratulate yourselves on a successful trip on the waters.

    • Go ice skating or roller skating together

      • Depending on the season, both of these activities are bound to bring out the best energy in both of you, and you may realize one of you is a pro-skater. During the summer, roller skating indoors or outdoors is an easy way to bond over a specially curated playlist for jamming on skates. Although roller skating is more year-round, ice skating just feels right during the winter and is a bit more challenging for those used to four-wheel skates. With the right playlist and hot chocolate, ice skating can be just as enjoyable as its summer-friendly counterpart.

      • Volunteering together

      • If your romantic interest is a fan of hands-on activities and helping others, try volunteering at a local farm, soup kitchen or animal shelter. Giving back to your community can be a feel-good activity, and it will let you know that your romantic interest is open to doing good deeds for those in need.

    • Wine tastings over happy hour

      • We know that happy hours are fun and affordable, but step it up and expand your taste palette by pouring up different varieties of your favorite wine. If you both are looking for a night-in, skip setting the mood elsewhere and purchase unfamiliar wines and cheeses to have a wine tasting at home.

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