Does your morning routine include cooking while listening to a podcast? Maybe you’re located near a coffee shop and spend your mornings chatting with the barista. Either way, having a set routine each morning will encourage you to be excited about your mornings and improve your productivity. If your job begins mid-day or later in the morning, you’ll have a bit of time to yourself during the day to practice a routine that feels right for you. Are you ready to begin improving your morning routine? Try these eight tips out.

Properly hydrating your body

Yes, you should stay hydrated throughout your entire day, but drinking green tea, water or a protein-packed smoothie is a great way to start your day. Drinking a glass in the morning is a helpful way to document your daily hydration intake. Whether you’re a fan of cold water or room temperature water, having a full bottle by your bedside will have you thanking yourself at 2 a.m.


Journaling for a few moments after you wake up can release the thoughts in your brain, including your dreams. Keep your journal on your nightstand to encourage you to grab it, and give yourself a prompt like your goals of the day, meaning to your dreams from the prior night or what you’re grateful for in that moment.

Five minute exercise or yoga

You don’t have to be a morning workout person to do a little stretching in the morning. Yoga encourages flexibility, so you’ll be having a nice jumpstart to your day while improving your endurance. In order to get your blood flowing, stretch in your living room or balcony/patio, which might encourage you to take a brief run. If you live near a cafe, treat yourself to a bagel or coffee while out!

Make your bed

Before leaving your room for the day, turn around and make your bed. Studies have shown that making your bed has benefits for mental health, plus your room looks tidy. You also won’t be interested in getting back into bed, since you already folded your sheets. Look at you! You’ve already accomplished one feel-good task of the day.

Eat your breakfast

While growing up, we’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although it may not be the most important, it’s a good way to begin your day. Whether you’re an eggs and bacon biscuit type of person or an oatmeal and coffee individual, having breakfast will convince you that you’re already beginning your day with a filling meal. Pair this with a glass of water or green tea!

Say your daily affirmations out loud

As you finish washing your face and brushing your teeth, look into the mirror and begin speaking your choice of affirmations to yourself. Words of encouragement like, “Today, I will put myself first,” or “I attract happiness, success and love into my life,” are a good start. Here’s a list of more to inspire you to create your own. 

Avoid digital devices

Yes, it’s hard to not immediately doom-scroll down your Twitter timeline and Instagram feed first thing in the morning. After snoozing your alarm, set your phone down and give yourself time to be productive without the influence of your phone. Stressors like finances, news notifications or unwanted texts are clearly not a good start to the morning. 

Create a fixed bedtime routine

In order to begin having order in your morning routine, you’ve got to start by going to bed earlier. It can be difficult to adjust your sleep schedule at first, but you’ll be grateful once you’re casually waking up at a set time each day. It may be worth it to invest in an alarm clock, melatonin or natural sleeping remedies to aid you in your journey to fixing your circadian rhythm.