It's that time of the month, and period pain can be caused by many different unfortunate circumstances. Menstrual cramps occur when the uterus contracts to shed the uterine lining, which inflicts pain upon the abdomen, upper thighs or lower back. Along with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), endometriosis, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts can be other factors involved in uterus-related pain. Although everyone's menstrual cycle differs, these eight pain relief methods might get you right in preparation for your next period.

Bring out the yoga mat

It's time to turn on a few videos by your favorite yogi and use a few yoga poses to relieve stress and soothe your digestive system. These four poses are a good start for any beginner or advanced yogi that is looking for a calming method to reduce cramps: child's pose, reclining twist, pigeon pose and inverted leg pose.

Watch what you’re eating

We know it hurts, but studies show that avoiding white refined foods like sugar, bread and pasta can help you reduce menstrual pain. Along with trans-fatty foods and caffeinated products, it’s recommended to stick to anti-inflammatory foods like fruits and vegetables. To keep it simple: the more calcium enriched foods, the better.

Medicated relief

If you have over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or aspirin, keep them handy in your car or purse during your menstrual cycle, since they’re bound to be quick and effective. CBD oil has been shown to relieve inflammation for some, so don't be afraid to try something new!

Keep yourself warm

Purchasing a heating pad can go a long way, especially the night before your menstrual cycle starts. Since the heat tends to help your muscles relax, apply the warm item to your abdomen until you begin to feel comfort. If you don’t have a heating pad nearby, a warm towel or hot shower can relieve your cramps, too.

Take a quick jog

We know that it’s hard to leave your bed when it’s that time of the month, but exercise does relieve menstrual cramps. If you’re down to hike, walk or run, either activity will release endorphins, the brain chemical that relieves stress and pain. Not to mention, you’ll feel super accomplished after your exercise!

Having an orgasm

Purchase a few essential oils that will encourage you to relax and give yourself the stimulating massage that you've been needing. Post-orgasm, you and your newly created endorphins will be thanking yourself for your well-deserved "me time.'

Using the power of herbs

Incorporating herbs like chamomile, cinnamon and ginger into your diet can relieve the pain of menstrual cramps while satisfying your sweet and savory palates. By adding ginger/cinnamon into your drink or brewing a cup of chamomile tea, you've already done yourself a simple favor while enjoying a warm drink. 

Start birth control

After continuous menstrual pain during every month, it might be time to see a health professional for the next step. If the pain is being caused by a hormonal imbalance, birth control may help to realign your estrogen and progesterone. Visiting an OB-GYN or women's clinic may be a quick solution to preventing next month's pain.

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