Valentine’s Day, at its core, is about celebrating love. As we all know, most commonly it’s related to celebrating love between significant others. A big part of celebrating together is showing each other how much you appreciate each other. Whether you want to share a unique experience or a classic dinner date and movie, it's up to what is most appealing for you and your partner. Anything can be special as long as you're spending valuable time together. Here are just a few ways that you can spend a special Valentine’s Day with your significant other: 

Volunteer together

If you and your boo are similarly-minded in terms of giving back to the community, then working together to serve those in need can be a special way to make something great of your love together. Pick an activity that is meaningful to both of you. This could be sorting items at a food bank, cleaning out an animal shelter or phone-banking for a politician. Whatever it is, it’ll be fun to get to do this shared special activity together. 

Make a special meal

It can be incredibly fun to create something with someone who you love. The whole process of going to the grocery store, preparing the food, cooking the meal and serving it to each other can be incredibly meaningful. Pick something you'ver never tried making or love ordering when you go on dates. Light some candles and put on some smooth jazz to really make a night of it. 

Write love notes to each other

It might seem really cheesy, but taking the time to put down in words why you love each other can be incredibly valuable. It’s one thing to say it, but to have to sit down and see the words in front of you will not only force you to reflect more on your relationship, but it can also be more meaningful to your significant other. An interesting way to do this could be sitting at the table together, giving each other 30 minutes to write and then exchanging letters. 

Have a photoshoot together

This can seem strangely self-serving, but documenting the two of you together can not only help make special memories, but also help you remember special times spent together. How many times have you both gotten dressed up and had a great night on the town and forgotten to take a picture? You can get a friend who loves taking pictures to stage a “photoshoot” in your favorite part of town. This will create really special images that you’ll cherish as long as you’re together. 

Plan a staycation

Often it can be incredibly stressful and high-pressure to plan something “amazing” for Valentine’s Day. It might be out of your budget or unrealistic with your life at the moment. Whatever it is, the most important thing is that you spend time together. Plan to stay in, either at your place or at a local hotel, and just relax. Enjoy each other’s presence and unplug from the stresses of the world for a little bit. 

Check-off your bucket list

If there’s something on either of your bucket lists that is seemingly achievable, check it off of your list this Valentine’s Day! That way you will both get to share in a life-changing memory that will serve as an adventurous date. A lot of common items like skydiving or running a half-marathon just take a little preparation or training to accomplish. 

Team-up with another couple

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a solo couple activity. It can be really fun to spend the day with another couple you're good friends with as a group activity. It can also be great when it comes to everything from ordering more dishes at the dinner table or having a built-in photographer to document your day together!

Sunrise/sunset picnic

The end or beginning of the day can be the most romantic times of the day. At sunrise, everything seems quiet and the world is still. Sharing that with your loved one can be incredibly special, especially if you're both sharing a fun breakfast picnic and snuggling together. Sunset is equally as special, as the sky seems to turn into a giant rainbow and you can share a glass of wine with the person you love. Either way, pick your time of day and share it with your boo.