It can be really hard to shop for family. It’s especially hard for the guys in your family. You could name the way they like their eggs in the morning or when they lost their first teeth, but when it comes to figuring out what they want, you are at a loss. You don’t know if they have too many sports team sweatshirts or too few classy ties. Whatever you get, you feel like it isn’t exactly the right thing.

Here are some DIY gift options that will instantly have more meaning than anything you could buy in the store.

  1. Laptop riser


This is a great gift for your brother who is always watching Netflix in bed, or your dad who is always working from under the sheets. It’s pretty easy to make and staves off the dreaded overheating that comes from working with your laptop on your lap for too long. 

  1. Infused Vodka

Photo: Good Housekeeping

Whether it’s your kid brother who is just getting used to being able to drink in college or your dad who fashions himself a connoisseur of fine liqueurs, this fun gifts is a great way to try something new and very adult with your family. The best part is, you can personalize it to any flavors the guys in your family like and stick in it a fancy bottle to look nice.

  1. Suede leather catchall

Photo: StyleCaster

This super easy to make organizer is great for you younger brother who seems to constantly be losing his keys, or even your dad who is also seemingly always losing his keys. In fact, you might as well make a couple of these while your at it to put in the bedroom, in the hallway, in their car, or in the bathroom.

  1. Charging station

Photo: Driven by Decor

For those overrun with gadgets ,this can be a great way to keep things organized. This could be just the thing to keep your family from getting into fights at night when it comes to charging time.

  1. Fabric covered journals

Photo: Country Living

This is a great idea for the guys in your life who also seem to need a spare piece of paper to jot down their genius ideas or next grocery list. Personalize it with a fabric or print that really fits their style. 

  1. Man balm

Photo: Popsugar

This man balm can be used for almost anything – as pomade, cuticle cream, dry hands, or chapped lips. Personalize it and add in your favorite family scent to always remind them of home, no matter where they are in the world. 

  1. Hot pepper oil

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

This oil is great for those who just always are searching for the spice in life. A simple recipe that is for your dads and brothers who just can’t put down the sriracha when it comes to their ramen, eggs…everything.

  1. Photo playing cards

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

For some reason men are closely associated with card games. Apparently they’re the only ones who love playing poker or solitaire. Regardless of the gender associations, personalize their next game with friends by picking out a few of their favorite pictures and adding them to the deck.

  1. Recipe card cutting board

Photo: nutfieldgenealogy

Even if the men in your family aren’t exactly adept in the kitchen, this cutting board still makes a great gift. If you make it right, it can look great either in use or as a decoration on the kitchen wall.