If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your go-to hairstyle, try some decorative hair pins! They can add a little sparkle to your hair, interest to your outfit, and make your day-to-day hairstyle a little more interesting. There are a ton of hair pins out there, but here are a few of my favorites:

Forever 21 Rhinestone Moon Hair Pin Set, $4

Photo: Forever 21 

Let everyone know you're a child of the moon with these delicate hairpins. Use them in braids, ponytails or more, the possibilities are endless. 

Urban Outfitters Mini Margot Hair Pin, $12

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Simple and sophisticated, this hairpin is timeless. Sometimes less is more! 

@AlchemicalDesignsCo/Etsy, Semi-Precious Hair Pins, $3.00

Photo: @AlchemicalDesignsCo/Etsy 

These semi-precious hairpins come in a variety of stones and metals. They’re only $3 and there are endless combinations to choose from, so you can get a hairpin that will work best for you. 

@hangingbyathread1/Etsy, Brass Honeybee Hair Pins, $18

Photo: @hangingbyathread1/Etsy

Get into this casual way to profess your dedication to the Beyhive.

@luxebuffalo/Etsy Greek Laurel Leaf Hair Pin, $20

Photo: @luxebuffalo/Etsy

Get in touch with your inner goddess and rock this laurel leaf any time, any place. There’s just something about it that screams elegance.

La-ta-da Marble Embellished Slides, $8

Photo: Target

These are minimal, dainty and perfect for a hint of shine. 

PIXNOR Hair Clip Accessories- 4 pieces, $7

Photo: Amazon

If a simple circle wasn’t enough for you, grab the whole geometric pack. I absolutely love the stars! 

DCNL Druzy Bobby Pins, $8

Photo: Sally Beauty 

Druzys are big in accessories right now, so you can definitely grab these to match any jewelry you’ve had your eye on.

L. Erickson Liberty Star Wire Side Comb, $22

Photo: France Luxe

Can you tell I really like stars? This comb is gorgeous, and it comes in gold as well! Pop it in your next bun or to hold back one side of your hair for a fun added touch.