For those of us not yet ready to take on the responsibility of having a pet, but who want to feel like a real-life adult, plants are a great solution. They require consistent care, but most are low-maintenance enough that almost anybody can take care of them. Some plants are even great for your home space in terms of air quality. This is especially important if you’re living in a big city with a ton of pollution. They also just add life to your space. A little green never hurt anybody!

Peace Lilies

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These plants work best in indirect light, which makes them perfect for smaller spaces without much natural light. They can even work in offices, as long as you pay attention to their color. Yellow means they are getting too much or too little water, while brown means they’ve been “burned” by overexposure to the sun. 


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There are a variety of ferns to choose from, from Boston to Staghorn. They’re ubiquitous in homes and apartments because they fit all the requirements of an indoor plant — they clear the air, they look great, and they’re relatively low maintenance. 

Fiddle Leaf

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These plants are not only incredibly attractive and low-maintenance, they are also pretty large and take up space in an empty apartment. They’re great for that drafty corner that’s looking a little bare and only gets a little indirect light. 

Boxwood Topiary

Photo: West Elm

Maybe not a traditional choice, this freeze-dried plant will stay green for years without any maintenance required. This is for those of us who desperately want a plant but don’t have enough faith to keep it alive. 

Cacti and Succulents

You might be familiar with these from their notoriety on Instagram. These are hipster staples — and for a good reason! They're relatively low maintenance. It’s just important to know that they come in many different varieties and it’s important to tailor the care of each plant to its needs. 

Snake Plant

Another one on the easy to care for list. These can be left alone for weeks on end – especially great if you travel a lot and don’t have anyone around to help out with watering. 

Aloe Vera

Famous for its uses when it comes to sunburns, aloe vera is also a great plant to keep around the house. They not only help with burns and cuts but also can improve your air quality.


These plants will tell you exactly what you need, so they're great for beginner plant parents. When the plant turns yellow, it means that it might be getting too much or too little water. If the leaves get droopy, the plant might need more water.