The human body comes in an array of shapes, each with its own unique beauty and characteristics. Among the most commonly referenced body shapes are:

  • Apple – Apple-shapes have a fuller midsection and slender limbs.
  • Pear – This shape typically has a narrower upper body and wider hips and thighs.
  • Hourglass – The hourglass figure is renowned for its balanced bust and hip proportions with a defined waist
  • Rectangle – People with this body shape’s bust, waist, and hips are relatively aligned
  • Inverted Triangle – Inverted triangles have broader shoulder or bust areas, tapering to narrower hips.

Dressing an apple body shape can present challenges, primarily due to the fashion industry’s often limited understanding of diverse body types. With a fuller midsection and slender limbs, individuals with an apple shape might find that many mainstream styles don’t flatter their unique silhouettes.

While tops might fit snugly around the waist, they can be too loose on the arms, or pants that fit well at the waist might not sit right on the legs. This constant juggle between fit and style can make shopping excursions more daunting and less enjoyable for those with an apple-shaped figure.

Every woman deserves to feel confident in everything she wears. Therefore, 21Ninety put together nine simple styling tips for an apple-shaped body.

Styling Tips for an Apple Body Shape

Highlight Your Neckline

V-neck or scoop neck tops draw attention upwards, spotlighting your beautiful face and decolletage. This effect can elongate the appearance of your torso and provide a balanced aesthetic.

Opt for Structured Jackets

A well-tailored jacket or blazer that cinches slightly at the waist can offer some definition to your midsection without compromising comfort. Ensure the hemline hits below the hips for a flattering fit.

Embrace Empire Waists

Dresses and tops with an empire waist sit just below the bust, emphasizing the smallest part of your torso. This style is both flattering and comfortable for apple shapes.

Choose the Right Pants

Straight-leg or slightly flared pants work wonders. They balance out the upper body and create a harmonious line. Avoid pants that are too tight around the waist, as they might be uncomfortable and can highlight the midsection.

Longer Tops Are Your Friend

Tops that hit the hip or below help to elongate the body’s appearance. Tunic tops are a great example. Pair them with slim-fit trousers or leggings for a balanced look.

Play with Layers

Layering can be an apple shape’s secret weapon. Long cardigans or open vests can create vertical lines, guiding the eye up and down rather than across, leading to a slimming effect.

Invest in Good Underwear

A supportive bra lifts the bust, creating a more defined waistline. High-waisted underwear can also provide comfort and a smoother line under clothes.

Accessories Matter

Long necklaces or scarves add vertical lines to your outfit. They not only accessorize but also help elongate your figure.


The most important thing to wear is confidence. Feeling good in your clothes, irrespective of shape or size, shines through and makes any outfit look fantastic.