My go-to beauty recipe is a baking soda scrub. Years ago, I even shared it with my dermatologist, who gave it the thumbs up. 

It’s a simple scrub that can be applied once a week. It’s part of my Sunday routine to get me ready for the week. It goes without saying that if you have sensitive skin or severe acne, this may not be for you because it is baking soda which, if put on skin with acne or a cut, is literally salt on an open wound.

I have sensitive spots on my skin and so I proceed as follows, typically as I'm heading into the shower:

1. Gently remove makeup.

Do not tug, scrub or rub the skin on your face, especially sensitive areas.

  1. 2. You don’t need to wash your face, as you'll be scrubbing shortly.

  2. 3. Apply a layer of oil to the skin. 

  3. This serves as a barrier to the abrasiveness of the baking soda, especially if you have skin sensitivity. Grapeseed, jojoba and even olive oil will work.
  4. 4. Pour a drop of oil no larger than a quarter into your hand, along with your cleanser — use an organic liquid soap like Castille. 

  5. A dermatologist recommended cleanser like Cetaphil will also work.
  6. 5. Pour a few teaspoons of baking soda into your palm. 

  7. I don’t measure, but I suggest you start with a small amount until it makes a paste in your hand.
  8. 6. Gently apply to face with your fingers. 

  9. If you have skin sensitivity, apply to less sensitive areas first. Typically, I scrub harder on my nose, forehead and chin and take it easy on the areas around the eyes and cheeks where I have sensitivity and rosacea. If skin sensitivity is not an issue for you, you can scrub with a clean, damp washcloth.
  10. I use this scrub on my neck and décolletage, and if I really have time I'll use it all over my body.
  11. 7. Be prepared to wash off of the face quickly with lukewarm — NOT hot — water, especially if you have sensitive skin.

  12. 8. After removing all of the scrub, follow up with a mild facial toner. 

  13. My go-to is plain witch hazel without any added oils or scents.
  14. 9. Follow that with a layer of oil on the skin. 

  15. Your face will be smooth as a baby’s bottom.
  16. This is also a great hand, foot, body and nail scrub. For this, I typically will oil myself down before stepping into the shower. Use caution, as you don't want to slip and fall. Add the soap and baking soda to a body brush or scrubber and hit all the areas. 
  17. For nails, you can rub the mixture on your hands and then use either a nail brush or use your fingernails to push back the cuticles and scrape off the dead cuticles.

Remember, once a week or twice a month will keep your skin feeling smooth and polished. Following up with a moisturizer will keep it soft and supple. And that's the goal — soft, smooth, glowing skin.