While Netflix's hit show Master of None Presents: Moments in Love had some amazing revelations — and a switched point of view — the unspoken star of the show was the musical performances. Now, however, the music is taking center stage. 

In the new special Master of None Presents Moments In Love: A Musical Experience, which aired on Instagram last month, Grammy-award-winning artist Maxwell hosted a live chat with Lena Waithe, followed by some live musical performances by Black and queer artists like Asiahn, Avery Wilson, Durand Bernarr, Tiffany Gouché, and Destin Conrad.

"These artists represent a new day in music. All of these artists feel free to be themselves. I'm so grateful to all of them for sharing their gifts with us," said Waithe about the performances. The performances took place at the Winston House in Los Angeles, and a cadre of Black women worked behind the scenes to bring the show to life. 

Malakai Johnson was listed as the director, while Brittney Butler was the editor. Executive producer Tiscia Haigler, production designer Kiyanna Stewart, Jannah Handy of Blk Mkt Vintage, and Lauren Carothers of All Worthy People rounded out the behind-the-scenes professionals.

"Identity" and "Red Rum Melody" were performed by Tiffany Gouché. "Gratitude" and "Melody" were performed by Durand Bernarr. "In the Air" and "Excited!" were performed by Destin Conrad. "My World" and "Something New" were performed by Asiahn. And finally, "Reckless" was performed by Avery Wilson.

The point of these performances was for queer and Black artists to tell their stories of love, though the songs themselves were all uniquely inspired by the hit Netflix series. It seems perfectly in lockstep with both the uniquely Black and queer perspective and with the musical direction originally envisioned by Master of None musical supervisor Zach Cowie, whose perfect curation of the original soundtrack showed the depths of his talent. 

Check out a video of the full performance below. 

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