7 Amazing Advent Calendars from Beauty to Boozy

7 Amazing Advent Calendars from Beauty to Boozy


by 21Ninety

Nov. 19, 2022

You know the feeling—that moment of excitement when you peel back the tiny numbered door of an advent calendar to reveal a surprise treat or gift. These holiday staples mark the official countdown to Christmas, making the 24 days of anticipation that much sweeter. They’ve also come a long way over the years, from inventive packaging to the goods inside. Check out these trendy advent calendars and kick off the holiday season, whether they’re a gift for a loved one, friend, or just to enjoy yourself.  
  1. Beauty and Skincare Advent Calendar

Courtesy of The Body Shop
  Hello, beautiful! If your New Year’s resolution is to amp up your self-care routine in 2023, this beauty and skincare advent calendar has all the goodies to make you feel pampered, hydrated and relaxed for 24 days. Give your face a radiant glow with the Vitamin E Quench Sheet Mask, energize your senses with the British Rose Shower Gel and give your pout some TLC with the Strawberry Lip Butter.    There’s even more to love: each box supports their Community Fair trade Partners and you can reuse the pop-ups as tiny storage to keep cosmetics, crafts and more organized. 
  1. Liquor Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Amazon
  Bottoms up! Chocolate is cute, but what better way to celebrate the holiday festivities than raising a glass (or several)? Enjoy a variety of 24 mini bottles including bourbon, whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, red and white wines as well as champagne.   It’s the perfect way to test out your inner mixologist and see what kind of tasty concoctions you can come up with. Plus, the eco-friendly packaging makes this a gift to the environment as well.
  1. Wine Advent Calendar

Courtesy of In Good Taste
  Maybe wine is just more your vibe. Take some “you” time to unwind with selections featuring 24 187ml stout pours of whites and reds like moscato, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and more from the US, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and South Africa.    Get ready to elevate your palate too, because each day you’ll receive an email that guides you through your experience that includes pairing suggestions, tasting notes, tips and more.
  1. Makeup Advent Calendar

Courtesy of NYX Cosmetics
  It’s all about stepping into that main character's energy. Embrace the glam or inspire your bestie to try that color that makes her eyes pop. This advent calendar pick features 12 fierce favorites that shimmer, shine, glow and finish. Better yet, it’s cruelty free! The pieces can be mixed and matched for new looks that sleigh. Begin by building your base with the Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator and HD Eyeshadow Base.    Then, brighten up your eyes with three Hot Singles eyeshadows, with festive names like peppermint shiver. Give your pout a glow up with four different lip products like the Butter Gloss in tiramisu. Finally, keep your look all night with an HD Finishing Powder and two setting sprays in either Matte or Dewey.
  1. Coffee Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond
  Let’s be honest, the holidays can take a lot out of you. From clusters of family arriving to organizing meals and marking everything off of your holiday shopping list, you might need a coffee the size of your head.    Brew up a festive cup of holiday cheer with 24 different flavors sure to give you the energy to take on even the fussiest of in-laws with a smile, or hot chocolate perfect for curling up with a cozy blanket and your favorite Christmas movie. This Keurig sampler features household favorite coffee brands such as Cinnabon, Pete’s Coffee, Krispy Kreme, Kahlua and more.
  1. Christmas Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Amazon
  If you’re a holiday decor fanatic, a wooden advent calendar will be one of the most exciting fixtures next to presents under the tree. Perfect for those who love to get creative and have a ball with DIY crafts, this piece will bring 24 days of delight for years to come.    It features battery operated LED christmas lights and is crafted with high quality wood and painted with a nativity scene design. Fill the boxes with your choice of cheer such as candy, jewelry, small toys or handmade gifts.    
  1. Chocolate Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Godiva
  It’s classic, it’s popular, it’s downright delicious. Chocolate is impossible to ignore any time of year, but there’s something about the holidays that makes it extra nostalgic. Godiva’s rich, smooth and creamy flavors come together in an assortment so tasty, it might be difficult to have just one a day.   Enjoy 24 decadent seasonal pieces like a Santa and snowman along with signature milk, white and dark chocolate flavors like Milk Caramel Embrace and Dark Mint Medallion.
  1. Tea Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Amazon
  Few things are more relaxing than a warm cup of tea during the chilly winter weather. As a bonus, tea is packed with antioxidants and minerals like potassium, magnesium and zinc. Some options even help reduce inflammation, boost immunity and increase alertness. Enjoy cupful after cupful of this winter tea sampler, with 24 total flavors.    Take on the day with a cup of English breakfast tea, savor the full-bodied aroma of Bombay chai, cozy up before bed with some chamomile citron  or indulge in a delicious treat of caramel nougat—there’s truly something for everyone. Melody Beuzelin is a contributor for 21Ninety. Our editors love finding you the best products and offers! If you purchase something by clicking on one of the affiliate links on our website, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.